Things we regret adding?


My Coral Beauty..... I had no problems with him for months. But then last week he decided that he no longer wanted to be reef-safe and started niping at my leather and polyps to the point that they would no longer stay open. So I got rid of him yesterday. I traded him for 3 chromis.


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Don't ya just love it when old threads make a come back!!
This one is several months old but seems as current as ever....:cool:

Yeah, now I have something to add:( Scotts wrasse. They are shape changers I tell you:eek: The darn thing figured out how to jump through the crate cover and land on the middle glass of the tank.


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Thats funny Dive1...well most of it anyways...
Worse thing I ever put in my tank was the water....


For us the fish that never seemed to "fly" were tangs (both hippo and yellow). Just agressive and we are now liking the idea of many smaller fish rether than a few big ones. It's cool to see them go in and out of the rocks in the reef. Can anyone comment on sally lightfoot crabs??THanks


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Well at least I'm not the only one that's happened to. Sorry to hear it though. I'm determined to figure a way to keep one.


nice call on the red arrowana...they are a awesome fish. I wish could get my hands on them, but they are a lot easier to get in cali. then they are in new york.
I have a 3' silver arowana which is my favorite fish since 98. would post pics, but i have no clue how.



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the whole system...It has cost me a divorce, tore out a wall to have a place to put it, had to go to bankrupcy, have the kids cutting grass for frags, electricty bill went up, got locked up in a mental hospital when the doctor heard I paid $7 a pound for rock, fired from my job for stealing bottled water, heck the list goes on and on..but the reef is still looking good and that is what counts.

Could be frightening to me as a newbie -- except most of that stuff has already happened to me just in the past year! :eek:


Sand Sifting Crabs (from here). Put them in, they burried down, everything was great...I was thinking to myself "ok, this is going to be the cleanest sand bed in history!"
Left the next morning for a trip, came back, and it was like a crab leg salad had been dropped in my tank. I guess my Snowflake Eel liked hunting them under the sand...they lasted about 24 hours...out of five, all were gone when I came back.
On the flip side, at least the eel was not hungry when I was gone.
You live and learn.

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Was it electricity to the water, or was it water to the electricity?
Either way, it didn't work like I wanted it to.