What car do you drive?


love bikes even came off one at 140 and broke my back wrist elbow and shoulder.spent 2 months in hospital and got back on as soon as i could, still racing and riding as much as i can.it becomes a way of life for some of us
Seen the zx10 already it ran 9.20s or 9.18 stock 1/4 mile cant remember but it was quick. But it is a small bike smaller than the 600 really. built for the curves. Honda is not letting any info on the cbr1000rr out. they both are going to kill the gsxr1000. they should dominate next year in the AMA realm but don't think they will beat the zx12r in drag racing.and that is what i am in to.how fast i can go in 1/8 or a 1/4 mile:D


then i also have a fully loaded 03 jetta gli, then a 86 chevy k5 9 inchs of lift and 38.5x16 tires,.....that sums the cars up


Cap'n Pete,
No, wasn't me. That car hit a cow doing about 120 mph. Cow must not of heard the siren. The other car just to the left was hit by a drunk driver.

cap'n pete

At 120.... ya, the cow ain't going to hear the siren. You out drive your siren at 70mph. I was responding to a vehicle pursuit when a bridge jumped out in front of me :rolleyes: .
I like the Impalas a lot better, could be a little faster though.

cap'n pete

figured I should clarify "outdriving your siren" before I get corrected...
the cow could have heard it, but wouldn't have had time to crap before he got hit! :eek:
useless knowledge> speed of sound at 75 degree F = 774 mph


A 93 900rr? Do you know if that was the year of the yellow/gold and blue body work? Or if that color scheme was on the 98 900rr?
Oh, I "might" be able to beat you on insurance for a year.


my 93 was red black and silver stock colors.not sure what the other color option was that year.i think the other was blue white and red


Almost ordered an 04 VW Touareg V8 until I found out more about the V10 Turbo Diesel coming this spring, I'll see how much more that will cost me. Daily Driver right now is an extended cab 1999 S-10.
The person earlier said his 91 lumina was going great, my 90 was the "BLUE MAMA" as my college buddies called it.