Your Favorite picture of your tank...(one please)


Long time no see guys! I did my due diligence to this forum and took a picture for this thread today. Hi Tizzo and NM! NM: your blue tang is flawless. Tizzo: How's the scallop and anemone?
Keep up the good work on all your tanks! Mine is 7.5 months old and the fun is just gettin' started.
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AR-15lover, That slipper coral is the most gi-hugic one I have ever seen.
Sweetreef, your pic belongs in a magazine. You the man :happy:


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Originally Posted by AR-15Lover
Here is mine if you like nanos
I like this one REAL well. Nice pics everyone. They are so good I may be struck blind and I can't remember where all the letters are on the keybod... ll;kjsd;lkjff.,cmvlkajsdjfnvkjsddcsldkjfvlkcca32lkdfasdfsdasdf


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I must say I am amazed at all of the amazing tanks that have been posted all over this site. The hobby is one of the best. Look forward to giving and receiving new useful knowledge about saltwater. Da bomb. Thats all I can say.