Your Favorite picture of your tank...(one please)


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DRU what type of return is that? Is it drilled through the bottom or just below the sand? I dig it.
The Pipes are placed under the sand bed. It is not part of the return, but on a closed loop system. I use a Gen X 40 with a squid connection to alternate the flow. This allows for flow on the bottom of the tank. :yes:


Tizzo: How's the scallop and anemone?
dreuster, the flame is doing as good as I can tell. He's still alive although hiding pretty well. If I twist my neck and hold the flashlight just right and look from the bottum up, I can see half of him, LOL :rolleyes: ...
But this is my fav pic of the "whole" tank... It's blurry, but it shows pretty much everything.


Sorry about the picture quality, you can go to this link for a better one: [LINK VIOLATION]
Anyway, with all due respect to everyone else's tanks, which are far better than mine, this guy's tank is probably one of the most ridiculously awesome things I have ever seen. Yes...that IS a blue ribbon eel...amazing.


Schubert, no offense but what is so great about that tank? All of the colors are very bland and he has just a pile of rocks with a 300g tank to work with. The blue ribbon is cool but I know people that keep them.
Tizzo, how do you clean the tank with that shark in there, kevlar gloves?
But seriously, how did you attch the 2 colors of monti cap, I would like to do the same.


:jumping: Excellent tank golfish. tizzo wicked way to grow dual montis, nice m.cap too promisetbg. Keep up the good work everyone. I'm actually getting some cool ideas just by looking at this thread.


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Don't act like I don't see that SHARK TIZZO! Haha...90 gallons my -$$.
What shark?
Tizz,you don't have a shark

thanks druluv :D


Junkiebeas, murph, shubert
What kind of lighting are you using? I am still looking for a good lighting system because I can't wait to get anemones and all that good stuff? Please don;t tell me that it is the camera u used to take those awesome pics!!!
I can't get MH - I was told it would fry my fishes!! I have a 30 gal and searching for that natural light just like the lighting in your pics!!!!!
Tizzo -- shark? Awesome!!!!!!! How big is your tank?
Murph -- you got an awesome tank and great selection of colorful fishies
Everyone's tank is so nice, I hope to get there one day!!!!!!!! :jumping: