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    wtb: red algea for tangs

    I have almost a pound of dry red algae. Email me @ if you would like this.
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    Bannana Eel and snowflake??

    I have both with no issues and little live rock
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    Rare Fish ID needed

    This fish was labeled as a Anthias Mimic Grouper, it came in from the supplier as an anthias. Noone has been able to ID this fish including myself through Scott Michaels books, Google, Yahoo, etc. Let's see if anyone on this board can dig up anything.
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    Lionfish contest, show off your lions!

    Here is a lionfish
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    Vietnam Orange Skirt/Ice Center Zoas For Sale

    Here is a site that IDs Zoas, I don't think anything is for sale on this site so it shouldn't break any of rules. If it does feel free to delete. Is this your Zoa? It's pretty.
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    Tunze Turbelle FS or Trade Austin TX

    FS tunze 1600 turbelle with tunze 6080 magnet. 75.00 + shipping. I hardly used this thing. Or will trade for a Powder Blue Tang (must be healthy and eating) I live in Austin TX pics here
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    APPRAISAL: How much would you charge for this coral?

    i'll buy it from you, i live in austin. unless you want some pretty bright orange zoos email me at
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    TEXAS, SAN ANTONIO; Cabbage Leather for Trade or Sale

    i'll buy or trade whatever you prefer. I live in Austin so we are close. please email me so we can work out the details. I'd like to get the whole colony and not broken pieces.
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    WTT Dolphin external pump 4 Tunze

    Dolphin externa pump, new condition 6 months use 3600GPH for trade with a tunze powerhead. This dolphin runs extremely cool., i'm in austin texas
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    WTT Tunze 6100 and single controller for Vortech

    what is a vortech?
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    Muchos Grassias

    The title says it all
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    New Clam

    I'd be pissed if I paid 50 bucks and they sent me a baby clam. but maybe when it get's bigger you will be able to tell the difference.
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    Powder Blue Tang 4 sale or trade

    Thanks, I'll give you a whole rock, probably has about 40 polyps on it. I'm in Austin TX 78758.
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    Rare Garibaldi for sale Austin Tx

    Originally Posted by lion_crazz How long have you had the fish? I only ask because they are a cold water fish, so they are definitely one of the more difficult fish to keep for any long-term amount of time. I don't think he's hard to keep if you run your tank at lower temps. The great barrier...
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    Rare Garibaldi for sale Austin Tx

    Originally Posted by murph145 nice fish howd u get a hold of him?? they are colder water right?? i see the larger adults all the time when i head out to catalina very bold and bright colored I think he's collected from Mexico and brought over into the trade. I have a 1/3hp jbj chiller set to...