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    Spelling mistakes that bug the bonkers out of you....

    Quote: Originally Posted by bionicarm And it's good to see you still follow the Conservative mindset like a blind lemming falling off a cliff. If you libs stopped giving all your things away to the "less fortunate" you wouldnt be so angry. Life is much better on this side, stop on over we'll...
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    Spelling mistakes that bug the bonkers out of you....

    Its been a while since I've visited this site. I'm happy to see you are still the bleeding heart liberal you alway were! So not to hijack
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    Spelling mistakes that bug the bonkers out of you....

    I want my milk and cookies
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    Encrusting Superman Monti

    I have it but the polyps cover almost all the base. Sorry to lazy for pics. Oh and I keep mine a few inches below the mp40 in medium light. It is has tripled in size in about 2 months. Much better than the sunset that is just above it.
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    purple monster acro

    I had it for about 4 months before I got up one morning and it had RTNed overnight. Nothing else showed any problems at all. Not a clue on what happed but good luck as it is a sweet coral! I will buy it again if I come across a good deal.
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    Cleaning sand bed along glass?

    You must not own a trigger. LOL If you did and you want to feel safe putting your hand in the tank you will feed a little extra
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    Vortech MP40

    I run one mp40 in my 54g and two mp40, and a mp20 in my 144g. They are great pumps! The only thing I wish they would do is make the spacer in to some sort of wedge so you could adjust the angle.
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    RH are going for $30 a polyp on the site from the bay. PH are $20
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    The alternating skirt is what makes hornets.
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    how to attatch coral

    I liked to find a hole the stalk will fit in and than putty it in there. I always try to keep it removable for what ever reason. Frogspawn grows good and can really reach out and touch something.
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    I have a new toy.

    I never pictured you driving a toyota!!
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    Everyone keep telling me that I need a waterproof box. Just so others can see my corals. I think not. Who wants to remove the canopy and lights just so other can see.
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    And I wasted money on a macro lens! Useless
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    Both of my tanks are bow fronts. Have you ever taken picures through curved glass?