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    Need some advice

    hey everybody its been awhile since i was last here see some stuffs changed. Well i started this thread because id kind of like some advice on this tough decision, Well today i was talking to my Girlfriend and she said one of her friends whos dating one of my friends might dump him. I asked her...
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    Just saw this bumber sticker!!!

    Britan neogiated to with appeasment and wered that get them?
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    How big of a tank for this beast?

    u think it will be ok with my 2 tangs and shark in my 12 gallon nano?
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    I go to court today: parental rights

    Hope u get full custody and good luck
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    Just saw this bumber sticker!!!

    Originally Posted by Dreamer44 mostly of kids right out of high school with the promise of a college education paid for in return for their serving in the military....I know for "FACT" that they do not always follow through with the promised education, my nephew served 4 yrs in the marines and...
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    What happened to Sharkboy13

    Sharkboy13 moved to mass. He had to sell his aquarium which was hard. He told me he was giving up aquariums permantly unless he decided to set up a nano which isnt his style. He said he wanted to spend more time caring for his snakes. so unfortunatly we might not hear from him for a long while...
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    Explain your AVATAR!

    Mines the emblem of the Brazilian world soccer team.
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    minimum aquarium size?

    Whats the minimum aquarium size for a 3 striped damselfish? Can I keep one in a 5 gallon aquarium with Caulerpa as a filter/live rock
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    will this work on my 70?

    why dont they grow as fast with leathers?
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    will this work on my 70?

    I also plan on keeping assorted soft, LPS and sps coral Can i place a brain coral in the sand?
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    Shark Week 2007!!!!

    I watch it on tv and in high defintion every day. SHARK WEEK IS AWSOME!!!!
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    will this work on my 70?

    so I dont need 2 metal halides now because my tanks 36 inches long?
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    will this work on my 70?

    Originally Posted by trippkid I know you have a 70, but what are the dimensions? Mh usually effectively cover a 2'X2' area, so if tank is 4' , noramally you would go with 2 of them, If not you'll have to keep the stuff that needs the light under it, where ever you put it. Matt the tank...
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    will this work on my 70?

    Originally Posted by zanclus My suggestion is to use a under the tank sump , buy a needlewheel or beckett skimmer, add another MH and go with a sand only bottom or even bare bottom. If you are thinking of keeping SPS then add lots of flow. 14000k lamps are nice...