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    Yeah, I picked up the smallest net they had at the store, maybe I will look on-line for anything smaller. So your cube has bigger compartments huh? I have a standard tank I am looking to switch over to a cube in the next 6 months or so, I will have to do some comparison shopping. Any...
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    Shrimp Question??

    I have had 2 tigers with other shrimps (seperate tanks) and a non-tiger variety pistol with other shrimp and have never had problems. Sometimes the shrimp will drag hermits into it's lair but I think because he wants the shell, not dinner....I usually see them exit a minute or two later.
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    can someone please help me... i know people are on here. my fish may be suffering :(

    Go to disease forum so Beth or someone with lots of knowledge can help you. Good luck.
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    cube question

    ................................................. Is nobody else having this problem?
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    Best sand cleaners for a 20 gallon?

    The super tongan nassarius snails do a good job of keeping the sand turned over. Maybe 4 or 5 of those might be good for you. Blue legs or some other small type of crabs should be ok if you only get a few and keep extra shells in the tank. You can buy them at craft stores in large bags, boil...
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    is it safe to mix, sexy shrimp and cleaner shrimp?

    They are in a 14 gallon bio-cube.
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    cube question

    Anyone have any tips/suggestions for keeping your fish and inverts in the main tank in the bio-cubes? How about tricks for getting the fish and critters out safely?
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    is it safe to mix, sexy shrimp and cleaner shrimp?

    I have a skunk cleaner, a pistol, and 4 sexies together. They all mind their own business until feeding time and even then they seem to quickly decide who gets what and move on.
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    input from nanos...Please...

    Hello and welcome! I started out with a 16 gallon, then did a 29 tall, etc...the 29 has been my biggest tank. My biggest challenge has been keeping up with the fresh water top-offs. There have been a number of times things got in the danger zone very quickly over the years. I recently just...
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    Purchased a Jawfish Question

    I found my jawfish like that once. I think he may have 'jumped' and been lucky enough to not land on the carpet. After many repeated attempts he eventually did. Good luck with yours, they are such cool fish!
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    can someone please help me... i know people are on here. my fish may be suffering :(

    From what I have seen at ***** (floating in the tanks) it isn't the best place to buy fish. There may be some sort of guarantee though, call them and explain. How were these two acclimated? Did you find anything over at the disease forum?
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    My clown is depressed

    I second that. Just make sure you put in a smaller clown. I had a male and female for about a year and the female developed a tumor that killed her. The male was lost without her. Within a week or so I went back to LFS where they tank raise them and purchased one of the smallest clowns they...
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    So I went looking in the back compartments of my bio-cube for my missing goby. Bad news is he wasn't there. Good news is I did find a thought to be dead sexy shrimp. Bad news is I lost the little bugger while trying to catch it. Still clinging to a glimmer of hope my goby is just taking an...
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    Happy Birthday MonaLisa!!

    Happy Belated!
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    Black spots on yellow tang

    Have you been able to ID the spots as a specific disease/parasite? If your fish is otherwise looking happy and healthy don't panic. Can you give us some more info like how long the fish have been in the tank etc..