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    Has anyone tried P90X?

    On week 3 1/2 -- love it. They plyometrics will kick you in the ass at first but they are modifications to all the moves and when it comes down it it -- you can only do what you can do and improve as the weeks go by. NEED a pull up bar and weights or the bands -- i prefer the dumbells...
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    Movie quote game

    Wrong -- it's The Empire Strikes Back
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    YIKES..Look at this!!

    I take it no one has seen any of the 4 foot ones that hide during the day. Now those are ugly and can hide amazingly well in a medium sized tank.
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    Movie quote game

    That sounds like a UHF reference
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    Starting a LeBronFire in a few weeks... (NE Ohio people)

    Is it just me or does it seem strange we hold our sports in such high respect? But then again, a person in a free country (whom you really don't know) making a free willed choice to do what he wants and you end up actually hating him for it. Spread the hate and jealousy because LeBron has free...
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    Best Macro Algea For My Application? Lookin For Advice Before I Make A Mistake!!!

    Caulerpa can root in and be very nasty to get rid of. Some fish may pick at it but it's not very appetizing for fish to eat so I would personally stay away from that. I have cheato in my sump and harvest as needed.
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    four letter word game

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    four letter word game

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    four letter word game

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    150W or 250W Metal Halide for my tank? Suggestions?

    Originally Posted by meowzer I think the light you pictured would be has no actinics.....actinics add something that corals need too.... Which is? Metal Halides are fine without supplemental lighting.
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    four letter word game

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    better ways to run carbon?

    Actually thats a really smart plan in case of emergency. Thanks for checking in on us Bang :)
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    four letter word game

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    better ways to run carbon?

    Actually rereading some stuff time change on carbon is about 2 weeks before it loses most of its effeciency. I just change it out monthly roughly -- same time with my GFO.
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    Your thoughts on reactors .. all of them

    I have a two stage reactor as well... but I also have two of them (no I don't run both but thinking I should sometimes lol). The reactors are easy to clean, quick disconnects on everything and kind of pretty much plug and play. Rereading some things the carbon does clog in about 2 weeks...