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    yellow toad stool / leather

    Would these do ok under VHO. Any special care I should be aware of? Does anybody know where I could find the Yellow Toad stool. web stores...
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    Switching to MH

    Not knowing how big your tank is? I have a Unit that might save you (parents) some money, It may be over kill, But it's a dual 175 watt system with dual fans and actinics. I paid $600.00 and am asking $300.00 I bought it about 18 months ago.
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    Overflow siphon question

    Tank overflowed:nervous: Losing the siphon is my primary concern, Pump keeps pumping till it runs dry, I guess keeping a low level in the sump makes sense. I was going to use a Rio 3100 for the pump, 120gal tank. Not a good choice?? Recommendations?
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    Overflow siphon question

    How far does the overflow stick out from the tank, I have only 5" without breaking it down and moving it. Which I don't want to do.
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    anybody in miami area selling fish/coral

    "Not sure, how long do they live"? I've read research that documented Clowns living 18 years in an Aquarium. Now that's commitment:cheer:
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    Overflow siphon question

    That puppy is big, I get it. How do you get the siphon going on that hog. What's the brand? I will check that one out.
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    Overflow siphon question

    Thank-you This is what I had a mental gap on. In a gravity feed overflow it's absolutely self-correcting. However in my feeble brain it seems like a siphon would be a constant smaller flow rate.
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    Non sump/nonhang on the back skimmers

    Are there skimmers that can set below a tank that don't work off the sump. Otherwords like those stand-a-alone media filters that suck it in and spit it back up into the tank. I have a 120 gal tank with hand on the back skimmers, was thinking about a overflow but would prefer the above...
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    Fish for a 8 gal

    Any thoughts on a fish that would do well in a 8 gal nano. First shot at a nano. I have maybe 3 or 4 lbs of live rock and 2in substrate from my other tank. It's been up a couple months, a couple large feather dusters and a 1/2 dozen hermits. I have been having a problem keeping the levels...
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    Overflow siphon question

    Guys, Is it possible to use a pump that would return water faster then the siphon pulls water. What would your recommendation be for Max. return rate on the pump?
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    Overflow siphon question

    I have my first tank that is not drilled and I'm thinking I would like to go back to a Sump. In a gravity feed overflow, flow rate is self correcting, Any size Pump can be used for the return if your using a standard 1" drain. Is this the case with a siphon? In my mind's eye I'm having a hard...
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    Lipstick tank?

    Good thoughts, One issue is I need a fish to groom my Macro Algae,
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    Lipstick tank?

    Flame angel?:notsure:
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    Lipstick tank?

    It looks like that's out, How many Yellow tangs would be comfortable. Tank size, 60x18 by 26" high. Maybe just a single... That sticks to the original plan... The plan was for many very small reef fish with just one that would grow beyond 3 in. any Suggestions for small fish... The...
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    Hamilton Delux dual 175 watt/Flor. lights for sale

    Justin, I just sent you an email, I did earlier it as well. I checked my sent items and no copy? ummm I don't have a Paypal however would be happy to set it up if you direct me as to how. I'm checking on shipping today and will let you know regarding your offer. Thanks for the follow-up...