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    nems and nano's

    I don't know if agree about nems needing tons of light! I know that's what everyone says.. and technically what they need... But I swear, my GBTA hates light! Every spot he picks is always in the shade and he never like to expand out into the light.. who knows.. maybe they all have...
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    2 IDs for ya! Blenny and SPS.

    Picture #1 is what I always see called a bicolor blenny. The second picture is MY blenny.
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    2 IDs for ya! Blenny and SPS.

    Alrighty.. got this little guy last week. I assumed he was a bi-color blenny but I keep having doubts. Most bi-colors I see have a dark navy front half, and yellowish back half, like this: My little guy has a dark head, but that's it, and it fades all the way down to a pale yellow: Also, I got...
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    GBTA hates Maroon Clown...

    After a month of having my GBTA, my maroon started hosting it about 3 nights ago! It was the COOLEST thing! ANYWAYY.. About an hour after he figured it all out my nem had had enough and packed up and moved away behind my LR. He's been in the same spot since about 2 days after he got home and now...
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    Refugium for Nano's!

    Hey, I think you should add the Aquaclear Fuge mod to this thread! Those are becoming pretty popular! I just did it on my 29g. It was really easy and i love it! I'm getting a picotope this week and I'll be moding another one for that!
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    Renee's 12g Barnacle Blenny Tank

    AH! They look like little monster! So funny and cute! :jealous:
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    First photos

    Oohhh boy. I'm going to assume it has not cycled yet being 5 days old, and LR went in today.. Hopefully that new will survive the cycle but I doubt it. Like tampashane said, I'd try to return him for credit or something so you can buy some cool stuff later once your cycle is done. Do a little...
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    Okay... first things first.. pH 8.2 Ammonia 0 Nitrate 5 Nitrite .1 Calcium 400 Temp 81 I recently switched from CC to Live Sand.. I also went to a fixture which has 1x150 HQI and 4x24W actinics. I had a small diatom bloom but some snails have recently taken care of most of that. But the last few...
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    Nike's 10g Nano.

    :drool: Love the colors on the acans!
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    Need Protein Skimmer Reccomendation..

    Marineland Marine Series Pro..
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    Need Protein Skimmer Reccomendation..

    Yeah, it's huge, I don't think I realized how big it was. I got the box at my door and was like.. whoa... this is going on a 29g! Oh well, it's the exact size of the tank so the light is pretty even on the whole tank. I guess that's kinda nice... Still doesn't look like your would work... I...
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    Need Protein Skimmer Reccomendation..

    Yep, covers the whole tank. It's about the exact same size as the tank. Look at the legs on the left side of the picture!
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    Need Protein Skimmer Reccomendation..

    Yeah.... That's why I said I could slide the light forward...
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    Need Protein Skimmer Reccomendation..

    I guess I could slide it forward but the light would be hanging over the edge and I'm afraid from the weight it may fall...
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    Need Protein Skimmer Reccomendation..

    Here we go... My paint penmanship sucks.. sorry!