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    We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto

    Quote: Originally Posted by meowzer HEY THERE.....Glad to see you are still around...somewhere...LOL I'm always somewhere! Quote: Originally Posted by Beth Yes, keep an eye on this one. He can be a real bad boy. Glad you gave us a call. I recall being partners in crme every now and then...
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    Marine Corps Ball

    Middle son is a Cpl in the USMC. They recently held their ball and this is a pic of him and his girlfriend, who is in the Navy. They are both E4 so they have to get along! I think it shows in the pic
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    We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto

    Wow! I haven't been here in what seems like years. So many changes and not many familiar names. I used to mod here so I remember Beth. The place sure has changed a lot. Not nearly as active as before which is a shame, but I digress. Still in the hobby after 15 years, only with a smaller tank...
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    potters angel

    4 mos isn't really a good gauge of time with this fish. It seems they fail after having had therm for quite awhile. At a marine conference a couple years back, there was a discussion about this species. The speaker asked how many people had kept a potters and a bunch of hands went up. He then...
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    2 Butterflyfish

    Much depends on tank size. The two should coexist but as with many butterflies there may be some pushiness from time to time. In a large enough system, they should be okay.
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    potters angel

    Really not a beginner fish. One of the more difficult centropyge angels to maintain. Much has to do with diet, IMO. I've kept three of them at various times. Only one thrived. The other two perished after seemig to do well for awhile. Stick with an easier species like a coral beuaty, flame...
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    60 gallon tank... how many more fish? powder blue tang?

    Your tank is really not suited to a PB tang. They are good sized active fish that are prone to aggression. This is worse in a smaller system. Very difficult fish to maintain, even for many experienced hobbyists. I'd add another clown of the same species. If this is a FOWLR, one of the hardy...
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    Eerie Manor; Our Halloween pics

    Thanks for the kind words. Beth, the dog was nosy and was watching us take pics out the door. Ironically, it was the dog's 5th birthday; he was born on Halloween! We get big crowds. People are at some points lined up 20 deep to go through. We also have a lot of folks texting/calling their...
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    Eerie Manor; Our Halloween pics

    A perfect Halloween night: chilly, but no wind or rain. Over 600 trick or treaters and some great scares. The mayor of Erie even stopped by and chatted for a minute! Day pics taken about two hours before TOT hours began The dungeon scene. Two actors were stationed here and could squeeze...
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    RIP Sailfin tang :(

    You're dealing with more than just ich. Ich itself would not kill all of those fish so quickly. The symptoms you describe on your SF tang also point to other problems. You mentioned you had water quality issues. Post the actual parameters. There may be a clue here. Is your Q tank even cycled...
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    Emperor angel help.

    Color loss can be attrributed to various things; stress, malnutrition, poor water quality, etc.. Can you post real numbers for your water parameters? The whire specks could be ich, even if the others show no symptoms. A pic would help confirm this. IME a 120 is quite small for such a fish. How...
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    Let's Remeber Who We Are Honoring This Weekend

    My Dad in WWII. He was 18 at the time fighting in a World War My two oldest sons Middle son (on the left) in USMC Security Forces Training Next time you can't get comfortable in your bed, or you have to park a little farther from the Walmart entrance, think of these guys and the sacrifices...
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    Leaving the hobby

    Originally Posted by Bang Guy I'm downsizing my life. After keeping reef tanks for over 30 years I've made the difficult decision to reduce my impact on the environent. This means growing more of my own food, living more off the land, and reducing my energy consumption. A reef tank doesn't...
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    Volitan Lionfish is not eating

    Originally Posted by pcollins249 sad to say but he has passed. i transfered to other tank and he went belly up :( i plan on getting another one but not anytime soon. so lets say it was the food....what should i have been feeding him? There were a combination of things wrong here. Diet was a...
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    Green Chromis

    In many cases, they tend to pick each other off over time, and a small shoal of 7 will end up as a pair. The schooling behavior is more obvious in a larger tank with larger fish. This causes them to school for safety. If they are in a fairly peaceful setting, they'll tend to behave more as...