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    So i bought a car!

    post pics. welcome to the family.
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    Puffer in a 55g?

    most stores will trade back fish for credit.
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    Would you do this? And do you think its a good Idea?

    im pretty sure she meant digging in the dirt. My whole backyard is full of dead coral.
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    looking for canister filter

    If anyone has any canister filters that they want to sell please respond. Looking for something for a 30 gallon so not too powerful.
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    Live rock for sale in florida

    if you take any trips to south fl area ill take some!
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    how do i set up my reef?

    agree with reefnut. Definately ditch the crushed coral and UG filter. I had both in my tank for 1.5 yrs and although never suffered a nitrate problem I couldnt believe the difference in apperance the sand made. My fish even play in the sand now.
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    Best Pic

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    DIY Canopy Question

    Question for DIY canopy builders. For the wood that rests on the tank itself to support the canopy. Do you just use glue or do you also nail/screw the wooden blocks to the canopy itself? I started gluing them in but really didnt want to put any finishing nails on the canopy where its not...
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    Anyone who built their own stand

    heres mine i finished for my 29 not too long ago. working on the canopy now.
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    Tomato Clown sleeping

    mine has done the same thing ever since i put in a sandbed.
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    lets see those canopies

    come on i know you got em
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    lets see those canopies

    Just finished building my stand for 29g and looking for ideas on a canopy. If you got pics please post them so I can get some ideas. Thanks!
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    Post a picture of your favorite fish!

    no longer have him but he was the coolest.
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    Post a picture of your favorite fish!

    dont mind the scratches.
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    First Pic of 10 Gallon

    try not to do any water changes until your cycle is complete. doing that will only extend the cycle. everything will fall into balance when the cycle is complete.