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    Newbie Tank Pics

    Looks decent, now you need to let time take over and fill in the empty spots with new coral growth. Keep trying to get the sailfin out. A friend of mine lives in your area, he could get it out for you i'm sure.
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    Tank For Sale

    Amazing how people don't follow through huh? If your ever in the bradenton area I'll take just the tank for $25. It's unlikely you'll be over here but let me know with in a day or 2.
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    2700 gallon aquarium pics

    where in florida are u going? If u give me a weeks notice i can try and catch u a blacktip right before u come. If u go on the east coast u can catch bonnets no problem
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    Where did you go on your honeymoon?

    cant beat the florida keys!
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    Frag Packages

    Iam not sure who is interested in what i have but if u are please e-mail me. I have pink anthelia RPE's green zoa's orange cap
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    Frag Packages

    SSweet1, just so u know xenia doesn't ship well... I have a few start corals for sale if ur interested. Anthelia, zoos, and others.
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    tampa bay florida

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    Corals for sale
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    mag 12

    $70 shipped. 3 years old, 1 day old impeller. To loud to sleep with in my room. James
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    Neon Green Anethia may sell frags

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    Prop tank questions

    This thread is old and i know have a prop tank of my own. 55g 2-110w VHO 1-175w MH T4 closed loop mag 7 return ASM g2 skimmer bare bottom 30g sump/fuge egg crate racks
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    Happy easter!
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    Critter Give Away! FREE!

    funkyman and gobyboy- thats awesome that u guys do this together.:D
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    tanks near orlando?

    a couple threads down Asburry is selling a 180 real cheap. He is in bradenton, 2 hours south of orlando.
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    mods and others (golfish)

    Ran some test today: (pump=closed loop pump) 79.4-no pump or lights 82.2- with pump 84.0-with pump and lights All temps r with the house air on at 77. I guess i will just have to add fans. Thanks James