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    External Overflows, who's got them?

    I use Marineland Tidepool SOS. Works great, never had a problem, never lose siphon. I found them on ---- for half the price of them at the LFS. Fairly streamlined design too, I don't consider it ugly. Good Luck, -Christine
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    Need a good skimmer my seaclone is junk!

    I run a turboflotor 1000 in my sump and it is awesome. I have heard even better things about the newer turboflotor 1000 multi which can be used as a hang on. I am not sure about the size of it though (for a 30 gallon tank).
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    Brown Florida Condi

    I have a flower anemone that has browned up since it found a home right under my 250w MH. It was a beautiful white with pink spots when I got it. It is now white and light brown striped. I have come to the conclusion that it is a sign of zooanthellae and health as well, just not as pretty...
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    plz suggest a ro unit

    I have had a Typhoon II from air water ice for a year now. It's great and the price can't be beat. This thing makes alot of water pretty quickly, which is nice when you have a big tank.
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    Aqua Sapcelights

    I just bought a used one. So far I like it. It is very sleek, compact and self contained. It has the UV filtering glass built in to the system and directs light down straight into the tank. I have no light 'leakage' into my living room at all. I did hang it from the ceiling. The hanging...
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    Turboflotor 1000???

    I use a Maxi-Jet 1200 powerhead to feed water to the skimmer. It is a bit powerful and I plumbed in a small cpvc ball valve to control the flow. I have read other posts that suggest that the Maxi-Jet 900 is a better flow match up. I really feel that this is the better way to do this. No...
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    Discovery Store Eco System.

    Stockly's has been selling these online for a long time now. Here is a link to thier page describing the Ecosystem in detail.
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    Overflow Boxes

    I am very, very satisfied with my marineland tidepool SOS overflow boxes. They have never, ever lost a siphon. I found them on ---- for half the price that they sell them for in the LFSs around here. -Christine
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    Sump/Fuge Plumbing

    I use a couple of Marineland SOS overflow boxes on my display tank, one of them goes to the fuge, other to the sump. These never lose their siphon, even when the power goes out.
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    Skimmer Crud

    Im not exactly saying that a skimmer removes salt from the water exactly. But the skimmate will contain salt for sure. It is not so efficient or technologically advanced bit of eqipment that it could remove ONLY waste from the water. It also removes water, in this case saltwater (as a...
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    Skimmer Crud

    I strongly urge those who use it for their houseplants to reconsider. The salt content will eventually kill the plant. Depending on the plant, this will either happen relatively quickly, or without question over a period of time. Salt build up in soil is a tremendously difficult problem to...
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    What's your weirdest hitchhiker?

    I also got some porcelain crabs, just like Bang Guy. They are very entertaining and peaceful, I just love them. I also got a pair of pistol shrimps that live together under a very large piece of live rock. Also, very cool. -Christine
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    where can i get a couple of bulkheads for cheap online
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    Weight and Floor Issues

    We just looked for the direction of the floor joists and load bearing walls, and made out decision from there. Worked out fine so far with a 125 gallon tank on wood floors. House built in 1924. Have fun! -Christine
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    Skimmer not foaming

    I have a Turboflotor that periodically stops producing foam. The first time is happened I went to the LFS where I bought it. I was sure it was broken. The guy calmed me down and showed me how to clean out the air intake port with a paperclip. Now I know what to do when it happens again. I...