500 gal reef converted to 850gal reef


hey steve, i have been looking around for a carpet for my clown, if you get a chance can you drop me an email with who you are getting yours through?
updated shots are looking fabulous by the way, lynn and i would love to find a sunday to come by and check out the updated progress.
keep up the great work.


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5790 watts of light? 4800 being halides? The electric company must love you.:) That would be 70 bucks a month at my very reasonable rate of 4 cents a kilowatt hour, and 140 bucks a month if you were at 8 cents!!
I've told you before, but I'll say it again......your tank is absolutely one of the most beautiful I have ever seen.....better in fact than any professional public display even. The care that went into every detail is inspirational. :) Thanks for sharing the pics. Please, please, post more as you take them.


Steve, I can't really say anything that has'nt been said, its just simply spectacular! I have'nt seen aquariums like that even in Sea World, it is truely a little part of the ocean. We all try to mimic that one way or another in our own, but what you've done is truely inspirational.
I did want to ask, I noticed you put the aquarium through the garage, is your garage insulated and do you get any heat loss through the sides of the tank.


man that tank aint big..... it is huge lol can i come live with you? it looks great man i hope someday i can get 1 that big (or bigger)

the claw

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Ditto everything said!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm sure you love being bombarded by questions, but where do you shop in Portland? I've been down twice to check out your stores, and found Soutas to be the best. What do you think?


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so sad to get to the end and run out of pictures. I saw your update on the other board and enjoyed it immensely!!
Thought the lighting was on rails so you could slide it over and Tan in the winter!!
Love the idea of depth in a tank!!
How about some more shots of the room underneath and maybe a top down shot or two??
wish I had the time, space, money, spousal support to do that!!


Hey Steve, what are the PVC pipes in the tank when you(someone else) is taking the protective cover off the front of the tank? Also, previously you mentioned having a bare bottom but it looks like you have sand now, yes?
Awesome tank. Can I ask what the tank cost ballpark? I just got a quote for a Oceanic 500 bowfront and it was $8500.00 which seemed a bit high.
You can email me at garycarr@carolina.net if you'd rather not give the price out on this board.


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I almost missed the party.;)
Steve, WOW.
When I read this:
A close up of the center canyon:
I could only think this: You bet your a$$, it's the friggin' Grand Canyon!:D :cool:
Very nice indeed, Dan


Cadbury.....Heat loss is not a problem. In fact, cooling is more of a problem. I have a large attic fan in my garage that exchanges the garage air with exterior air every 30 minutes. This is to deal with humidity as well as help the chillers not work as hard.
Claw..... The three main stores in Portland are Soutas, Upscales, and Waves. The best time to be there is on load days. Since I have a very flexible schedule, I can often be there when the boxes are opened...it's really the only way to get a shot at the best stuff.


Garycarr.... those pipes have two functions. First, they make up the plumbing distribution system for the four closed loop pumps. There are actually four seperate loops there, each with seven distribution loc-line nozzles that are hidden within the rockwork.
Secondly, when eggcrate is placed on top of these pipes, a platform is created that supports the rockwork off of the bottom. Jets are also blowing under the rockwork, eliminating any detritus build-up.
I have never been a fan of bare bottom tanks( doesn't look natural to me) nor a fan of DSB's. I have always set up my systems with just an inch or less of sand that is only located in visiable areas (not under the rocks) and is turned and vacuumed regularly.


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...WOW! And I thought your 500gal was outta control! Pleeeeeeeeeeeese keep sharing! Keep us updated!


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fantastic steve....simply fantastic......if you ever feel like you NEED to frag that blue tort, please keep me in mind!:D ;) :D ;)
good luck