Best movie quote ever


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"It ain't cool bein' no jive turkey so close to Thanksgiving"
"Ya, the phone in the limo's broke. What is ya ignorant?"


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Originally Posted by MiaHeatLvr
ROBERT DAVI: "I guess were gonna need some more of those FBI guys" Die Hard 1988

As a matter of technicality... Paul Gleason said that.
Robert Davi had just gotten blown up.


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Originally Posted by coraljunky
"It ain't cool bein' no jive turkey so close to Thanksgiving"
"Ya, the phone in the limo's broke. What is ya ignorant?"

"It's called the Quart-Of-Blood technique. You do this move, and a quart of blood will drop outa a man's body!"
"This is a Persian rug! FROM PERSIA!!!"
+1 Eddie Murphy Quotes=Good Stuff.
"*snort" Look a that S-Car-Go"


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"Life is like a box a chocolates, you never know whatcha gonna git"
"Jenny and me was like peas and carrots again"
"Yes sir, I got shot right here in the buttocks"
"Lieutenant Dan.... You got magic legs"


not a movie quote but I still like it.
" you can't fix stupid"
Oh and one more
" I don't like you,I don't respect you and I sure as hell don't fear you"
Klaus Daimler: Steve!
Steve Zissou: Vikram, is that thing rolling?
Klaus Daimler: Where's Esteban?
Steve Zissou: Encounter with highly abnormal shark-like fish! Ten meters in length! Irregular markings! I tagged it dorsally with a homing dart!
Steve Zissou: Esteban was eaten!
Klaus Daimler: Is he dead?
Steve Zissou: Esteban was eaten! Check the scanning monitor before it dives too deep!
Klaus Daimler: He was bitten?
Steve Zissou: Eaten!
Klaus Daimler: He was swallowed whole?
Steve Zissou: No! Chewed!
Klaus Daimler: [to the camera] He's got hydrogen psychosis, the crazy-eye!
[camera zooms in on Steve's face - his eyes are dilated ridiculously large]
Klaus Daimler: Steve! They say you've got crazy-eye!
Klaus Daimler: Get him out of the f*cking water!
Steve Zissou: [shouting] Check the scanning monitor!
Klaus Daimler: Steve!
[Klaus jumps into the water to get Steve,
Steve Zissou: [shouting] Esteban! Esteban! Esteban!


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****************************************************Say ahlo to my little friend . *****************************you want a pice of me ************************you know who I am ? I'm tony************ montana *******************************
Sorry mods I couldnt resist it . I swear that guy drops the f bomb more than a truck stop full of sailors .


I don't know the name of the movie but it is a Clint Eastwood movie.He sneaks into a mobsters house while the mob guy is sleeping.The mob guy wakes up and after some dialoge tells Clint So how do plan on getting out of here with my men downstairs and Clint says "Maybe I'll take you as a hostage and blind them with your jammies!"Gotta love C.E.


Originally Posted by spanko
"It puts the lotion on it's skin, or else it get's the hose again!"
Evertime I read that I laugh....
It isn't funny, more creepy than anything.


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"Not my gumdrop buttons!" -Shrek I
Just about anything from Monty Python is good; "Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?"