highschooler's thread!!


here r some pics of my 29gallon sps tank. i have no fish in atm and not a lot of corals atm either. i just moved my stuff from my 20gallon long. will be getting tons of sps this week and i have a shipment of 25florida ricordea comming in. i am 16 and am a sophmore. i pay for all of my stuff except christmas and bdays here r some pics enjoy



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Originally Posted by TriGa22
Im14 years old.. But trust me you dont want to see pics
. Mabey in a few months when I get the reef set up.
Well here it is a few months later. Dosent look that good but its getting there.



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Im in high school. My tank is in the very long process of being set up. Its like it will never end.
I just have lighting, RO unit, and testing equipment left though. Then Im ready for sand and live rock.



Originally Posted by SiNaLOa213
heres some pics
i pay for some of the stuff but not all of it.........

im a sophmore and 15

excuse the cyano a little outdated
oh yeah i get 30% off almost everything where i work

Do you like that shape tank?? I was thinking about getting it but i couldn't find anyone who had one.


what about middle school? im 13, last year in middle school.
right now, the lights are off, so here is a pic of about 2-3 months ago. it has changed a lot and i get amazing coraline, but i scrape it off when ever i can. i guess im a little OCD, i like it to look neat and clean


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i pay for some of the stuff (when i have money), but my parents do pay for most of it. i usually get to go to the lfs to get 50-60 bucks worth of coral once a month (this is my allowance), but then again i do 100% of the maintanance and upkeep. its funny whenever i ask for something my parents always bring up that my tank is expensive, and that i "should be thankful to have a roof over my head and food on my plate". my response is usually "well you should be thankful that i dont do drugs and obey you."

Thats a very good response ...
I hope my four kids will tell me that when there older...im getting my 10 year old his first saltwater tank this christmas but hes going to be starting out with a ten gallon ,i figure i can take water sand and everything from me 180 to get him going,plus compact lights i have my brother making for him....I love seing so many kids into the hobby
Beautifull tanks and keep up the good work


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My tank was a birthday present and live rock and sand is going to be a christmas present from my parents. Iv gotten all the equipment myself and will be getting all the livestock too.


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This pic is one of my most recent (February) FTS. Softies are gone, and have been replaced by SPS. A few LPS have been traded, and I cut away all the xenia. Rockwork has been redone three times since this, but looks pretty close to this again (three seperate formations).


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here are pictures of mine. cant compare to any of you. BTW I just started my tank over again so theres nothing too special. Lights just turned on also.