I'm getting a 750 gal...need ideas!


I got some new fish in yesterday, a large powder blue tang, clown tang, another yellow belly hippo, and a blue angel (which is supposed to be a queen). I'll post some pics later...


Well I currently have 13 and I still want to add a few more "must haves" so, when it's all said and done, I plan on having about 20-25 total.


I'd make sure I qt that trio of tangs the full qt period (or maybe even longer) as these three are the tangs most prone to get ich. But they are awesome. cant wait to see them in the DT. good luck :)

john harlan

you are going to love that clown tang i had one in my hundred gallon the only problem is that mine was very aggressive to the other tangs but had to sell it because out grew my tank but you wont have a problem with that

crypt keeper

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Originally Posted by bioneck47
Yeah, I'm pretty sure it does. no biggie though...
ICh is nothing to be worried about if you know waht you are doing.
What other fish do you have planned? I put the shark pond on hold. I may be moving here soon. I need to make sure Im stuck where Im at until that thing gets built.


crypt keeper;3052904 said:
ICh is nothing to be worried about if you QUOTE]
What? Ich is the single largest, and most serious issue in the hobby right now. The forum is littered with people that have had to tear down their reef systems because of Ich. Are you kidding me?
If the Ich out break really blooms in this system, it will be a disaster. Hopefully it doesn't.
I do hope the OP is quarantining everything. With the volume of tangs in the system, it is playing with fire.