Nike's 34g DSA Neo-Nano



my bad lol. you know where i can get a neo nano? pm. i wana upgrade and i like the dimensions.


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so an update on everything going on with this tank. had to sell alot of my frags and colonies for books last month. saved up for next wave and also got a pair of hawaiian flame wrasses
the current fish list:
Supermale Flame Wrasse
Female Flame Wrasse
Cryptic Six Line Wrasse
the tank does have ich, but the wrasses seem to have developed partial immunity. I cannot trap them without causing more stress. If it gets to the point where theyre struggling, they will be transferred to a hospital tank thats been set up
As for new stuff, i picked up a couple of goodies at next wave
Sunny Delights
Candy Apple Orange (yes orange!)
Captain Americas
Rose Nebulas
Aqua Delight Acro
The Original Strawberry Shortcake (from 3 years back)
Green Yongei, might not be a yongei though
Reverse Sunset Monitpora
Miami Hurriance
and for pics, couldnt get good pics of the rest of them, SORRY! ill try next time



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i have yet to get a good pic of them, theyre behind one of the other frags i got and cannot get a close enough pick. the orange is alot more deeper than the photos show online. The ones i got were direct from jason fox. the yellow ring is sposed to fill in if it receives more light