The Bro's first Saltwater Aquarium 29g BioCube

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lol i have to laugh when you call him bro because it a common name that you call everyone but then it is part of his name haha.... im probably the only one who thinks this is funny but atleast im aware of it... oooh and is this a new smily
or have i been compleatly unaware of my surrounding everyday smilies?
Lol actually my last name is Braud! So believe it or not my nickname that all my friends call me is "Bro". Hence the screen name "The Bro"

the bro

Yesterday i finally got a gravel vac and used it to get some of the junk from the LR off the sand surface. While the water lvl was low i took out all my LR and scrubed it down with a toothbrush and rinsed it with the tank water. Afterwards i put all the LR back into place making sure it was perfect this time. Got about 5 gallons of 1.025 SG water in the mixer that i will use to top the tank back off later.
Question how long is Ro/Di water with or without salt sitting in a closed container "not circulating or heated" good for before it needs to be discarded?

the bro

Well its week 3 since my tank has been set up, and my water parameters are still showing amnonia, nitrites, and nitrates. I know patience is a virtue but i want a fishy! Did happen to see a few copapods on the glass today, so thats pretty cool! This is the first time that i have seen any.

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first of all, it can take up to 6 weeks to cycle your tank... just need to do a water change and that usually helps it out lowering the levels...
ALSO get a new turkey baster clean it with just some really hot water and maybe a drop of vinegar (if it smells really bad like plastic) but that is sooo much easier to blow stuff off in the tank...
RODI by itself can sit for up to id say 2 or 3 weeks without heat or circulation,,,once you put salt in it it needs to be heated and circulated i dont let it sit for more than 2 days and i have never let saltwater sit without being heated and circulated?? so i dont know how long it would last...

the bro

Pics! LOL i wish i had something new to take a picture of. Atm it looks just the same as the old picture i posted awhile back. Since then i have upgraded the stock pump to a Maxi-Jet 1200 though, and the 2nd chamber fuge is doing real nicely. Also have my lights on a timer to simulate the day as best i can. Looking to get the 3 teir Media Basket, Fish Saver, and Fuge w/ sumersible light from soon. Also looking to get the NanoTuners upgrage to add one extra 32watt compact fluoresent for a total of 96 watts. This should be sufficient light to grow all the softies and leathers that i want, until i can finally afford my Sunpod.

the bro

Wish i would have found this before i got the Maxi-Jet

Also would the Rio 8HF be overkill for a BioCube 29G?... I always hear that you can never have too much flow.
Maxi-Jet 1200
• V/Hz: 120V/60Hz
• Wattage: 20W
• Max Flow: 295gph
• Max Pumping Height: 69"
• Dimensions: 3.5" L x 2" W x 3.25" H
• About $20.00
Maxi-jet 900
• V/Hz: 120V/60Hz
• Wattage: 8.5W
• Max Flow: 230gph
• Max Pumping Height: 46"
• Dimensions: 3.5" L x 2" W x 3.25" H
• About $30.00
Rio 6HF
• V/Hz: 120V/60Hz
• Wattage: 15W
• Max Flow: 350gph
• Max Pumping Height: 72"
• Dimensions: 3.9" L x 2" W x 2.5" H
• About $30.00
Rio 8HF
• V/Hz: 120V/60Hz
• Wattage: 30W
• Max Flow: 550gph
• Max Pumping Height: 78"
• Dimensions: 4.4" X 2.3" X 2.8"
• About $32.00

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Now for a 20" T5 this thing is NICE! Give me yalls opinion would you go with this or the Sunpod? Just my thoughts the Sunpod is awesome power, but does it lack color quality from not having antinics or high range kelvin bulbs?
Just another thought what do yall think about a 24" light fixture for a 29G bioCube? I know that it would be 4" longer then the tank but would that be a big deal? Its just thant there are so many more lighting choices in the 24" catageory compared to the rare 20" fixtures.


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there will be bulbs from for the 20" fixtures soon but not form ati which have the better pars. The sunpod can take different bulbs if you want a higher range kelvin like a radium 20,000k or a pheonix 14,000k. the radium are really nice too. You can check out my thread for my 24" set up. its 4 x 24w and its all you really need. you can also go for evil's par38 lamps which will be cheaper than both and higher intensity lighting


For thsi size tank....get the T5HO's and use the bulbs that come with it at first, and then buy the better ones....I am going to look into the ati's soon :)

the bro

Tested my water parameters today and they were finally stable!
Temp..........80 Deg F
Nitrite .........0
Did notice small patches of brown diatom algae on the glass also.
So on my lunch break today i stoped by one of my lfs to check out what softies they had in stock. I fell in love with a radioactive green zoa colony with about 20 polyps for $49 Hopefully it will be mine come payday! (are zoa heads always kinda little?) These were about the size of the tip of your pinky finger... i just imagined them to be bigger.
Also im looking for suggestions picking out my first corals since i dont know all the different kinds/varieties. I am looking for anything colorful that can live under 72 watts of light.


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any zoa will do good. duncans as well will do awsome!
for sure some LPS will do great in your tank. just lower your trates