What's Everyone Driving These Days??


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Hello just like the Title says...list ur cars....any Hummers out there still..
Heres my list of current cars..
-2008 Toyota Tundra
-2008 Honda Odyssee(yes its a van lol)
-2003 Red Lexus IS300(Fav. car.)


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GMC, Chevy, and a Ford. Doing my part to keep two thirds of the money in our motherland..


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Originally Posted by nina&noah
2010 Lexus RX....I've had it for 3 months now and I LOVE IT!!!!

Sweet I was thnkin of trading my IS300 for a RX. I drove one as a loaner when I took my car to the dealer. I love the it handled itself in and around the city.


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Lots of American muscle out there still. Sorry to say the only American car I would own is a chevy truck.


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I have had the same vehicles forever. LOL
85 Bertone X-1/9 (sunny day winery cruiser and 38 MPG)
73 Ford F-250 (balanced and blueprinted 390 bored out to 411, what MPG)
94 Ford Ranger stepside (winter driver)


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02 F250 Stroke
The wife has an 07 Saturn Aura with the Caddy 4 valve V6 and 6 speed but I am too tall to even ride in that tuna can

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F-150 for almost a year. Then of course my gas sipping Hayabusa. Nothing like 0-150 faster than anything on the road while getting around 45mpg in normal driving.


2007 Harley Sportster 883R - daily
2001 Ducati 996 - primarilly track bike
1986 VW GTI 2.0L aba swap w/ stand alone EMS - project car


how can you guys afford to have both nice fish tanks and a nice car?
i sacraficed i drive a P.O.S but get 35 mpg