What's Everyone Driving These Days??


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My vehicles are paid for. lol I pay a lot of my stuff off asap. I can't stand knowing I owe someone money. lol Now I'm just trying to get my husband's credit cards paid off.
I hate credit cards....


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I just finished paying off all debts a few months ago including my cars. Took a lot of budgeting but well worth it. These days I pay everything straight up cash.


07 Hyundai Santa Fe (hers)
07 Mazda 3 (his)
87 Nissan 300zx (his play car)
89 Ford F150 (currently for sale)


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2001 Cadillac STS (mine)
2001 Chevy Suburban (not really mine, the spare car in the family, used for hauling/towing/wet dogs)


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04 Chevy Venture Minivan. Hey as tall as the wife and I are need the freaking room and with 2 soon to be 3 kids WE NEED THE ROOM. This one is mine.
05 Buick Lacrose CXL Fully Loaded. Maybe in a few years will put in a 3800 Series 2 with the blower for a little more fun in this thing. This is the Wifes.