Who are you (member photo thread)



I hate you Joe lol. I totally would love to buy that car... SOON .... gotta tell myself SOON!!!


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Well, since I've been pestering some of you for advice (and am surely not done yet
) I guess it couldn't hurt to show myself:
On vacation last summer. Yup, obviously another guy with a mid-life fishkeeping crisis. (That's my angle to the wife so far - this hobby's still way less than a red sportscar.)

PS: bragging rights to anyone who can guess which river that is. (If anyone knows the actual town this is in I will be rather awed).
Looks a bit like Germany. The Danube, perhaps?

darthtang aw

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Are you sure that's your wife? You're in Vegas afterall....
yep. I am pretty sure that is the Puerto Rican living in my home occasionally yelling in two languages. One of which I didn't understand for five years.


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I almost bought a 128 convertible. Instead, I bought my 135i m sport coupe. No convertible for me...
I opted to buy the expensive car first, then go with the fish tanks.
Priorities :)


My wife wants to change the house first. I'm nearly done with payments on this so it will be within hopefully next 5 years. Gotta get me a new tank when I move. ;) it was promised by wifey.