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    New 65 up and running

    Very nice! Aaaahhh...I miss the excitement of starting a new tank...mine is almost 3 yrs old. A little advice?? ONLY put in there what you absolutely LOVE! Mine had a few additions with the good hearted intent of "rescuing" know....people getting rid of their tanks and if nobody takes the...
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    ugly brown mushrooms taking over my tank. HELP

    Hello...I have these ugly brown mushrooms that have literally taken over my tank! (they weren't near as uugly when it was just a couple rocks)...but!!! they are crowding out the nicer corals and the nicer ones are diminishing. What can i do? they are all over the tank and I have some really nice...
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    Brown mushrooms have taken over!

    Hello..I have these ugly brown mushrooms that have pretty much taken over my tank! I want rid of them...any suggestions??? They are crowding out my nicer corals, ricordea, zoas..etc...any help will be appreciated! Thanks!
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    Problem with hair algae !! HELP!

    well...I am going to buy more of a clean up crew. lawnmower blennie, 10 red hermits, 10 blue hermits, 10 nerite snails, 3 fancy nacarrius snails, 10 nassarius snails, 3 emerald crabs, diamond goby, and dolabella sea hare. there...and keep doing water changes. we'll see how that works.
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    emerald crabs

    I have actually picked the bubble algae off my rock without breaking them...I just hold them lightly between my fingers and twist back and forth until they come off...I have gotten rid of the 6 I had in my tank that way without breaking them.
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    Problem with hair algae !! HELP!

    I have heard the dolabella sea hare doesnt eat hair algae...only macro...sooo..does anyone have one of these that can atest to what they really eat?
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    Problem with hair algae !! HELP!

    Hello... it has been awhile since I was here on the boards! Things have really changed! wow. Well....first off, I have been gone because my english bulldog had surgery in April (cruciate tear) and it has been time consuming taking care of him...*sigh* reef tank has suffered...alot...
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    75 gal reset

    nice tank
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    dog with cruciate ligament tear

    wondering if anyone out there has ever had a dog with a cruciate ligament tear in their hind leg? I have a bullie with one that was just diagnosed. I am looking for any info. ....we are looking at surgery but not quite sure what to do.
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    vortech pump???

    anyone have any experience with these?..I am considering purchasing one. I have a 75 gallon and two #3 koralias right now. I am not quite happy with the may be attributed to the way I have my rock...but none the less...I thought the vortech was awesome. any ideas??
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    Does anyone on here actually LIKE Palin?

    Originally Posted by MaTT B It is not ALL about ecperience. I would rather have obama cause of the fact he did not go to a low and pick some random person to be VP so he could get votes. I do not like either candidates right now. Obama does not have enough experience. And McCain picked Palin...
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    Does anyone on here actually LIKE Palin?

    Originally Posted by reefraff I'd a whole lot rather take a chance on Palin maybe having to step in should something happen to McCain than for sure putting Obama in charge. He has less experience as a government official and no executive experience. well said.
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    Does anyone on here actually LIKE Palin?

    And so what if she's cute.... Why can't a VP be cute? jeeeeze.
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    Does anyone on here actually LIKE Palin?

    I am a democrat and not once have I considered voting for Obama. I have listened to every debate. I do not take much stock in the commentary news channels...after all...they are in the business of ratings. I made my decision on what I have heard both candidates say from their own mouths. Which...
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    ACORN + Obama

    just ANOTHER reason why it is SO important for EVERYONE to vote!