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    55 Aga Reef Ready W/stand And Canopy Fs In Fl

    sorry.. sold with the set up^^^ see read the thread above your post. good luck though
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    Horse in apartment?!

    hehe.. I was talking about the horse it would be a pita, to feed,shoes, dental meds,etc.9
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    ha, i find jd's driver's license

    hehe I looked up my hubbys he's a baboon!! hehe
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    Horse in apartment?!

    wow.. I think its amazing. I know its gotta be a pita to feed, and keep healthy.
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    10 Gallon Picture Series

    I have been wanting to drip kalk for a while in my thriving 2.5, but I didn't want to over do it. Maybe if I tried this with a shot bottle it might be better.
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    10 Gallon Picture Series

    are you using those Aiptasia eating worms in the lagoon too?
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    bringing them to the dark side hahahaha

    I have not convinced anyone, but my sister-in-law, and two cousins have both been bitten by the bug. hehe
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    10 Gallon Picture Series

    Wow Bang that is an amazing idea..I bet you were drunk on the crown royal when you thought that one up! lol. The growth is amazing(as usual).
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    World of Warcraft

    My husband has been at this for a long while.. First EQ four like 4 yrs(sindisrupter) , then the new EQ(sinman), and of course doom, now hes is curently playing WOW as a level 60 rouge(sindis)on the hellscream server in dawn(guild).
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    10 Gallon Picture Series

    Bang that is a beautiful pic. I love the reflection in it. are mods allowed to enter in contest? "hint hint"
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    My 120!!! Pics!!!

    I think it looks pretty big. If you look at the pic with the door knob in it -The tank does look pretty tall. I think your tank is a half cylinder.
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    pics of my 2.5 nano

    We just found out my nefew has adhd they gave him "aderal" I think thats the name. Do they give your daughter any meds?
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    pics of my 2.5 nano

    well I was right she has alot of developmental delays and they are leaning towards autisim. I now have speech, occupational, special instruction, physical therapy(six times a week one hour each.) we are all going to counseling. She will be going for an official diagnosis (psychological...
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    140 reef pics (new)

    No rush. I'm curing the LR for your old tank, as soon as I get everything finished I'll post some pics. How are those zoas? Did you like any of the color morhs? The toadstools you gave me ended up being four in total- they look real nice in the nano for now. once again what a beautiful tank.