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    180g reef tank and all equipment for sale

    extremely interested in the calc reactor
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    lifereef overflow and mag 7 for sale

    I can offer $65 plus shipping for the overflow
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    Pinkish red Carnatian for trade

    place it horizontal and keep it away from any bright light, consider it as reverse time cycle, it does well when lights are off and goes dormant when lights are on. The reason for horizontal instead of vertical is that it has a calcium stalk and can't supports its weight if it is vertical and...
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    sump question

    You don't need a light if you don't have a refugium.
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    Krux, broomer diverting overflow=fuge + sump

    One comment on the return pump being less than your overflow box max capacity. The return pump can be more gph than the overflow since you have a few calculations against you. If the overflow is rated at 600gph and goes straight down to your sump, that is 600gph. the return pump has head loss...
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    ro/di unit upkeep costs. and tap water ?'s

    I hope noe one is drinking RO/DI, the water is stripped and has no flavor, plus I heard its not good to drink DI. RO is fine since it goes through carbon filters. Filters for the Compact reef unit 100gpd is rated for 1yr or 3,000 gallons, depending on how bad the incoming water is. I plan on...
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    long ten plate problems

    what are you feeding it? Long are harder to keep than short.
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    Question about my fungia, and a ID of an sps.

    I had the same issue as you when I 1st got it. Feed the plate every day 2-3 pieces of krill to fatten him up and it should recover nicely, then cut the feeding back to every 3 days.
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    Dry coralline chips?

    Well I bought a used overflow and the u-tube is completely encased in pink/purple coralline, I am able to crack it off and was wondering if there is any adverse effects in crushing it up into a dust/chips and dropping into the tank to seed?
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    Cyclop-eeze pretty please.....

    an alittle and I mean alittle (size of your pinky nail if not smaller is all you need). This stuff will last you a whole year.
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    I think my plate is dying...

    salty jeff, I would feed it some meaty items instead. Just place a krill or silverside on its tentacles and it will draw it up to its mouth and take it whole. DT's is doing much for the health of the animal
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    I think my plate is dying...

    shorts are better, did you feed your's anything for the time you had it. They need krill or silversides.
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    Cyclop-eeze pretty please..... I use it every 6-7 days, fish go crazy over it as a treat, brittle/serpent starfish, crabs and shrimp love it. I direct feed my zoos and gorgonians with it. You may get a aptasia outbreak since everything in the tank has a chance to grab it.
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    PC Lights and Hood for sale

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    Spectrapure Filter for sale

    Price drop $45