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    Can you post more clear picture?
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    Large bumps on hippo tang

    How high was the cupramine? Definitely weird and shouldn’t be on the fish! Never heard or seen this before!
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    Using Nutri- seawater to start tank

    Yes I would add bacteria and let it run for a few weeks then add hermit crabs and snails. Then after a week test your water and if all looks good then I would get a small fish
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    75g Stocking Advice

    I agree I recommend only 1 angel per tank as they can get quite Territorial, coral beauty’s are the usually easiest to find and keep
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    QT tank

    Yes you should let it cycle first before you start to add fish, you can add some already established live rock, or some bacteria like turbo start.
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    Aptasia! Get rid of it ASAP it’ll take over your tank. Peppermint shrimp sometimes eat them. You can get aptasia X which will kill them
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    Are the nitrates still that high? What kind of light do you have?
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    Tank Set up (beach sand)

    I wouldn’t use beach sand you don’t know what’s in it, I say it’s much safer to use regular sand from your LFS
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    my blue hippo tang is hiding!

    Update??? How’s it doing sometimes blue tangs take a week or so to adjust
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    where to buy cheap copepods

    Try your LFS see if they can order live copepods. I say a few months when you start seeing copepods all over the glass and rocks I say that would be a good time to add.
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    my blue hippo tang is hiding!

    What size tank? What kind of fish do you have in the tank with them?
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    55 gallon salt tank

    It’s possible it could be a pest anemone (aptasia) if it came from your LFS live rock. Can you post a picture? If it is a aptasia you want to kill it ASAP!
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    Dwarf seahorse- need help!

    Live brine, live Mysis frozen food is all good for them