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    please help me im starting a reef tank

    Welcome to the obsesition..... I mean hobby. Spend a lot of time reading and studing, especially water chemestry. Happy reefing!
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    over skimming?

    Don't feel that you are obligated to skim. There are many reefers that don't skim at all. It boils down to your bio load and how much you feed. If you have a light bio load with a fish or two, and you don't over feed, you don't need to skim. However, you should have a large amount(1 to two lbs...
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    IBEW41 75g rebuild

    So far, so good.
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    Natural Sea Water

    Does anybody use natural sea water for water changes? I once met a marine biologist reefer and he said it is ok as long as you filter it first. He was not specific about what he meant by the word "filter". I assume the he meant UV and and possibly a 20 to 100 micron mechanal filter. Also, I have...
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    125 Gal Upgrade!!!

    That dog is flat-out cute. I'll bet he is a good kisser.
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    I run mine at 78, I don't have a chiller. You should try to keep it under 80. And like most paramaters, you should try to avoid large swings.
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    Whos got a Shallow Reef?

    The MHs alone would be a good deal at that price. I'm looking for a set up similar to that. However, 12" height with no overflow is a little low for me. Also, I like the MH pendants, but I have not figuared out a good way to provide actinic light with penants. My advice, buy it, keep the MH and...
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    RO/DI question

    Lets try this again. Any Ideas??
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    pulsing xenia ?

    Xenia are weeds from hell. Do yourself a favor and remove it now! Don't wait untill tomorrow, do it now! I mean right now! I understand that they go sexual and die off. I'm praying for mine go get horny real soon. Good luck - Reeflooker
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    COTW: Galaxy Coral

    I've had one for about a year and its still alive and doing well. If it can survive in my tank it must be hardy! I would recommend placing the coral in strong current. This reduces the length and number of the stinging strands. Good, attractive coral.
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    RO/DI question

    Does the output of an RO/DI increase as the filters age? My unit is about 1 year old, I have not replaced the filters yet, and it is producing water way to fast. Any ideas? Thanks - Reeflooker
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    We just discovered that our devils hand leather has long hair like chains(about 18") that it uses to fish out food. This is truly amazing. Has any one else seen this? Reeflooker
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    OT. I am feeling old.

    1. Does anyone remember what a milk box is for?? If so, you are old. 2. A few years ago, my boss's son asked him if Paul McCartney was with a band before WINGS. Wow
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    Dead Xenia???

    If your xenia die, consider yourself lucky. Xenia are like weeds from hell.
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    COTW: Bubble coral

    My feather duster dropped its feather and my Bubble coral ate it. It was quite amusing.