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    New 150 gallon - Lighting question

    My tank is built into the wall. What about a standard retro VHO system...?
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    New 150 gallon - Lighting question

    I recently purchased a 150 gallon tank and plan on making it a fish only w/ live rock set up. I may add corals later. Any advise on what lighting I should add with the idea that I may upgrade the lighting system later?
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    Ocean View Aquarium, anyone?

    I have tried an extensive search to find any info on a company out of Pascagoula MS., called Ocean View Aquarium Products. This is the manf. of an aquarium that a LFS wants to sell me, great deal but in 60+ page's of goggle search's, I only found very brief thing's on them, 1 asking the same as...
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    # of skunk shrimp?

    I was thinking about purchasing a skunk shrimp. I plan on purchasing another in about 6 months after I purchase a bigger tank. I only have a 20 gallon. Any problem with adding another later versus adding both at the same time?
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    How do i get pods if i have none?

    The cheapest answer is to purchase a small piece of LR from you local pet shop.....
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    Which Hermit is your favorite?

    I'm like the scarlets becuase of their peaceful nature. Does anyone recomend any other types that are relatively peaceful...........
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    Best Hermit Crab?

    Which hermit crabs are best suited for a reef enviroment? I'm looking for the most peaceful species.... Any advise?
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    Hurricane Katrina took my tank....

    I had a 90 gallon reef system on top of a 4 foot high stand before the hurricane. The water came up 11 feet in my home. Looks like I need to start over. I was only able to save my tank, refugium, and protein skimmer. I am now living in a crack house (housing is hard to come by in New Orleans)...
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    Urchin and Coraline algea....

    I have a black long spine urchin that eats coraline algea. I am going to trade him. Are there any other urchins that don't eat coraline algea?
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    Which Gobey is your favorite and why?

    Thanks/////// Does anyone else have any additional comments?
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    Which goby is your favorite?

    I have a 90 gal and plan on adding several different varieties of gobies. Any advise on which types are the most interesting?
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    Keeping Sand White

    I'm having the same problem. Any Advise.........
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    Which Gobey is your favorite and why?

    I have a 90 gal with lots of live rock and I wanted to put several different types of gobies in it. Any advise?
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    Too much light in Refugium?

    I am using cheatomorpha.
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    Too much light in Refugium?