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    Trouble Makers on The Bessage Boards

    Saltie, dry your eyes and buck up... we had some fun back there and some learning took place. And, please, keep yourself in ckeck.
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    Trouble Makers on The Bessage Boards

    For all those that post 93 times a day while having just started their 10 gallon "nano", And those that say "you need" and "go buy this", having little insight into the product's efficacy, And mostly to those that read a tip on the boards and then chime into every related thread and proclaim...
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    What is it?

    Whatever the situation, if the flatties are successful, they'll eat all the available pods and the population will eventually die from starvation, succeeded most likely by the resurgance of pods. Just a various occourance in the home tank... the explosion of one population that ends when it...
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    dying fish?

    Outwitted by a chromis, huh. Not the sharpest tack, chromis appear at the surface quite readily when fed... just hide the net. (easier said than done) Otherwise as said let it perish... if the tanks been around for awhile (good bio-system) it won't be a thing... especially since a dead fish is...
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    175 watt MH meduim base bulb???

    I know you could do some independant research and not bother the board with questions you're too lazy to easily find yourself. TimO
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    tank additives

    The easiest way to remove suspended matter is to turn off all pumps and watermovers. Tank settles down quickly. Aside from that, as stated, the tank water "polisher" is a hang on canister filter. Keep your pumps on during that treatment, though. If you have a sump, run the drain water into a...
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    blue leg hermit crabs

    30 gallon tank... One hermit crab should do it, and he's just for that "total reef effect". Worthless creatures in the home aquarium, in my opinion. And that bit about supplying extra shells... they're not fast growers, and if they are in your tank, you better check your detritus levels. Sure...
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    Ok, I've hatched my brine shrimp, now what?

    1) With fine mesh net, scoop a small amount of shrimp. 2) place net in tank. 3) Position net as to release shrimp into tank. 4) Remove net. Hope you have a big tank. The stage of life these when critters contain the most nutrition is right now, right when they hatch. That's why we...
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    New tank setup?

    Used stuff is an excellent option to save lots. Some stores consign tanks. TimO
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    Need Help losing LS

    Pick the tang you want... two in an already stressed tank will further freak those territorial fish. Not saying the tank isn't big enough for two in a healthy situation. Good luck. TimO
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    Need Help losing LS

    Don't waste your time testing the water. As stated, too much too fast. Say again what's still alive... The decreased bioload via death has increased the survivors chances a bit providing you have removed the carnage. These are the times to learn. TimO
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    How to add a fuge to my existing sump box

    I suggest you do a bit of "independant" research. Get a feel for what you want.
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    UV sterilizer

    Pro's and con's both way. What's the tank like now, and what would you like it to be like when you're "done" Some tanks can use them, and others they hinder. TimO
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    Frogspawn Help Please

    This is the skeleton of the coral you are seeing. Your coral is dying. Look into it. TimO
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    Do I really need a skimmer?

    Originally Posted by V-Lioness ***) ...... LOL Very good point, For me since I have large fish in my tank, I must use an aerator since I am skimmerless, it is in my sump, but they can make a mess of things. Kaye May I suggest you route your drain tube(s) into a filter sock...