OT: We caught Saddam!!!


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I personally do not feel that we should tie him to a pole, and let people in the masses beat him. I think we should set him down in Huntsville, TX in the maximum security prison for 2 days and 2 nights with no clothes, and put the decay of the U.S. society to good use.
Then if he's still alive. Him and his sore rear end can get tied to a pole in the middle of Time Square in NY. With clothes on of course, there's no reason for us to have to see that.


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I think that we ought to have a national tv broadcast of his hanging....nah prob not....Just dont spend millions on him in the prisons.


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I think he should be sent to court in his own country and judged by "his" people. He has been terroizing them for decades. SO, IMO, the people directly affected by him should be the ones who decide his fate. Not us.
I love the USA but I also love the rest of the world as much. Each country has diffrent views, and ways of handiling things. I don't think it is our job to enforce our rules on the world.
Do I think he is an awful man, Yep. Do think the US should have steped in, Yep. Do I think that we should be responsible for having a trial for him. Nope. That is one of the main reasons alot of other countries do not like us. They feel that the US steps in and tries to FORCE our views and agenda on them. If we were more of a police force rather than a political machine it might be a little diffrent.
I support our troops, thier families and this country. I do not however support Government speaking for me. My voice is small and I am in the minority most of the time. I have always felt that War leads to nothing more than more hatred and destruction.
Rember one thing. All great empires in history have fallen. From Rome to to the King of England. In this world there has never been peace for extended times. Why? There is always someone trying to prove thier way is right and always someone to dispute it. Until we come to realize (as we do in this hobby) the diffrent views are not always wrong, just diffrent, there will never be peace.
I say this..... Levae your neighbors alone. Let them live their lives and you live yours. BUT....BUT...BUT... there have been and still are times when a little force is needed to help out.


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What happened to his martyrdom? Turn the candy-a$$ rat over to the families of his victims and let them decide what to do with him. I think execution is too good, and it will just build up the reputation of the man. It should be something of the biggest disgrace the Iraqui people could imagine.


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All I have to say is... :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:
and one more thing I guess... To all the troops


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Wamp - I believe that is exactly what they ARE planning on doing. According to the news I watched, he is to be tried in Iraq, by an Iraqi council, with no foreign government involvement.


I know Saddam was no saint and the world will not miss him, and the troops serving there are to be highly commended,
but I can't understand the urgency and the effort that was exerted to capture him before Bin Laden. All this effort was based on a belief that he was a threat (to us) without any real hard evidence. We know Bin Laden is a threat, so why aren't we using ALL our resources to pull him out of his hole. This country historically overlooks "evil-doer" dictators without intervening, so what makes Iraq any more deserving of a regime change than the rest. From the news reels apparently every person over there owns guns, you can see all of them firing them in celebration of the capture. If things were really that bad there why didn't they overthrow him themselves? They are obviously armed.


I think I can add something to this. Saddam was never a real threat as far as terrorism goes, to the continental US IMO. However, the mere fact that he was still alive and running the streets struck fear in the hearts of Iraqi's through out the country. They were afraid to move or say anything against Saddam while he was still around for fear that they would be killed.
Guess what he may not be a threat to you in Illinois or Cali or wherever you are in the states but he was a threat to everyone in Iraq and the fact that he has been captured allows for a more rapid transition from combat ops to a sustainment operation so that we can establish a government that all these people really want. Don't kid yourself by assuming that these people don't want democracy and freedom because they do. They love America's beliefs for the most part but were afraid to admit it because of Saddam. You say he wasn't a terrorist but to this day we are still finding terrorist training camps in Iraq and if that isn't enough proof for you then you are just plain blind.
Is there a link between Osama and Saddam? I really don't care. But I will continue this fight because while I am here the world is a safer place. I have seen things in this war that I care not to share but I will go out tomorrow and do my job because if I don't someone somewhere will suffer the consequences.
I say everyone is entitled to their opinion but it really doesn't matter whether you like it or not the world is better off with the US helping out other countries that need us whether that means going in and kicking a_s or handing out food. Out here!



Originally posted by fshhub
lets see there was:
all of europe(until the division of he 2 blocks once again became one)
south america(panama, columbia and guam)
heck, we even got involved in russian politics to an extenet
I am sure there are some i forgot as well.

Vietnam-Fought to stop the spread of Communism in southeast Asia, Look up the Domino Theory.
Korea-Again to stop the evil reds from infection more of asia
Philippines-Just a strategic plot of land that we didn’t want the Japs to have
All of Europe-Great Britain was our ally and we had to join the war on both fronts because of the public outcry after Pearl Harbor
South America-They had grow drugs and drugs are bad, more than once the CIA helped overthrow DEMOCRATICLY ELECTED leaders in south america. (P.S. Guam is an island in the pacific not part of south america)
Iran-They took US hostages and the way we helped out there was to aid Iraq because they were "The lesser of two evils"
Russia-They have the largest number of WMDs (The same kind ol' G.W. still hasn’t found) and a destabilization of their government would have lead to the sale of these WMDs to our enemies.



Originally posted by skilos1
if only we were as informed about everything as you reeferdude

Well maybe you should pick up a newspaper or a book about the subject matter and you could be.
I whole heartedly support our troops fighting abroad but I don’t support the agenda of George W. Bush's constituents.


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Sometimes when i listen to the weekly address i feel bush makes a better pastor than a diplomat. good for him he has faith in his life, but just listening to him I feel excluded from being an american if i dont say a few amen's at the end of his paragraphs. I think alot of people feel ostracized in this manner.

Amen... I agree with you 100% on this one.



Originally posted by cprdnick
I think we should set him down in Huntsville, TX in the maximum security prison for 2 days and 2 nights with no clothes, and put the decay of the U.S. society to good use.

Let God have mercy on his soul but I'll not be his judge.:nope:


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Originally posted by Reeferdude
Well maybe you should pick up a newspaper or a book about the subject matter and you could be.

Get real dude. You flatter yourself. :rolleyes:



All that is needed for Evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.

Hey, I think I saw that on CNN? Was that you Squishy?:D
P.S. I couldn't agree more! I am so glad we finally caught the SOB.:cheer: :cheer: :cheer:


Has anyone noticed how our reason for hating him has shifted? First he had WMD’s and no one but us can have those (and the North Koreans but if we don’t think about them they will just go away!) after we raided his country and couldn’t find any he is now a terrorist, now that we have beaten the crap out of that horse it is just because he is just a really bad man. I could agree with that statement more but if we are going to start removing evil dictators then our next target needs to be Saudi Arabia.


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Here's my theory for what it's worth. The US got caught on 9/11 thinking we were invincible despite other terrorists acts on OKC, the Cole, WTC etc. We are the ones who didn't know how to fight in this day and age. Terrorists have used our culture against us and we got caught not understanding theirs. Hussein is a very bad man and if you think he didn't have any ties to US terrorism do a google search using "jayna davis". Back to my theory. We had to learn how to deal with the new world and the new ways of fighting, intelligence gathering etc. The horrors of Iraq and the need for us to have a strong presence in the middle east right now gave us the perfect geographical setting to get in there and learn how to play this new game. Afghanistan and our efforts there will benefit greatly from what we have learned in Iraq. Our whole way of fighting terrorism in the future will be better because of it. As for Hussein, we should use lie detectors, truth syrum and whatever means necessary to get that cowardly terrorist who is too big of a pussy to even martyr himself to tell us every bit of intelligence he knows. Then we should turn him over to the Iraqi's to deal with him. When my step-son goes over to Iraq in February I'm hoping things no longer be quite as dangerous as they are now. One more point. War makes for strange bedfellows. Allies in one war are fighting each other in another. This is nothing new.


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Reeferdude, of course we (the government) have our own hidden agenda, but whatever the reason, his removal is a good thing for our country, and it will be a good thing for their people as well in my humble opinion. The countries surrounding Iraq would have rather we stayed out because the U.S. was forced to keep Iraq very beat down and weak. If not for the years of the U.S. keeping Iraq in check, Saddam would have kept right on with his plan to control the whole Middle East. That's all fine and dandy, but in the process of keeping Saddam weak, we also made the whole country weak, and the people there have suffered for years because of us having to deal with Saddam....now keep in mind there really is no way we could have just let him be, because if we did allow him to start gaining power again, he would go right after another country.
Of course it's a lot easier to tear down Iraq then it is to rebuild it. I seriously think it's best to remove the man, and try to help their country get some structure back, than to keep their country weak, at the expense of the people there, so that Saddam won't try to take over yet another country. The government is always going to lie to us, get used to it. :D
Guys, opinions are great, but lets stay civil OK? I figured this would be closed already, but you guys are doing very well at keeping this hot topic decently civil so far. It's very appreciated by members, mods, and the admin I'm sure.


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well, whatever the case I am glad, as sammy said, that he is alive and ready to face punishment. No doubt about that one.
He unfortunately will never recieve a fitting punishment. The only punishments good enough would mean death and in his case, martyrdom(sp?) And imprisonment in his own country or ours would only give him even more freedom and room to grow. In ours, he woudl be granted much more than 3 hots and a cot. In his they would cater to him. And in either case he would become even more of a legend through the court system.
What needs to be done is to trial and punish him in a nother country. Preferably a 3rd world country. He would not even recieve the publicity he desires there. They will not play games with him if he tries to involve media. and for sentencing, again that should be carried out in a neutral country with no tolerance for terrorism, dictators, OR media and their antics. Somewhere like germany, although not 3d world, they would not tolerate any games at all. Or Russia, where none of us or anyone would know what is going on, and let him be dealt with in an appropriate manner. IN his case, the best thing and most damaging punishment would be to let him slowly fade away as he serves his term. Let us forget about him and he looses all his power, which would really crush him. to him the punishment is not punishment, so long as it serves a purpose such as world recognition and fear. Take away all this from any terrorist and they no longer have the drive. It is not the crime they seek to commit but the recognition later on and will accept death or anything to get it.
I mean, did you ever realize that terrrorism does not strike foreign countries? the reason being is that they will not even acknowledge the act, instead hide it and take away their desire to strike again. and IT WORKS!


I understand the difficulty keeping this guy alive, but I think he would welcome death over seeing his people prosper without him. Most of our allies do not believe in the death penalty and I think it would cause a lot of trouble in the world courts and such. I think the people of Iraq will need to decide what becomes of him, but I doubt it would be a good idea to keep this nut inside the country. He'll end up in a cell somewhere and I am confident it will not be a "ritzy" place.
Terrorism does happen in places where they handle it as rough as anyone would want. It doesn't seem to help. How are things in Russia? Israel? I don't know all the answers. I guess it takes a bit of killing some and converting the others out of these groups.
I do have friends in both Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf (Maines, Navy, and SEALS) and I am glad for their efforts, but it really bothers me when I feel lied to about why we entered into this war. Remember it was for violations of a U.N. charter? He was suppossed to have WMD's, but it doesn't look like he did. We were given hints about involvement with 9/11, that turned out to be garbage. If we did it to help the Iraqis and reshape the middle east, then tell us that, be up front with the rest of the world, and maybe we would have had more allies and our troops wouldn't be in this mess. It just drives me nuts that our leaders lie to our faces and no one seems to care, unless it has to do with s*x. Enough out of me--I agree, thanks for everyone being civil--I did not expect this to still be here when I got back from work:)