Spanko's bio cube, what in Posiden's name is he up to now?


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The fish is a tailspot blenny. The house is a barancle, the part that you can see him in, glued to the top of a pc. of pvc pipe that goes underneath the sand, like a tunnel.


What a cute fish! I really like the baranicle, how'd you get it?? I just got some PVC pipe today for my QT. I like your idea of making a little tunnel in the sand with it. Unfortunately, my sand bed isn't that deep and I'm not sure how I'd disguise the pvc pipe and make it blend in. How were you able to do it?


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Oh here and there. How ya been Carlos?
Very good my friend!
I actually remember you well spoke about you to one of my friends. They ask me were did I learn all my stuff from, and with proudness I said I must thank Spanko(Henry) you lol because he given me so much info and its gotten me to were im at today. And i have proof cause i have 3 witnesses to prove what i said lol. Yes i mention meowzer and nano-newb and others but with your knowledge i learn so much. So i must thankyou!


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Well thanx for asking Seth.
The fish list is now
Flame angel
Bali Tiger Jawfish
(2) Yellow tail Damsels
(2) Ocellaris Clowns
Saw a beautiful Lime Green torch coral the other day. May stop in again and ask if they would frag one polyp off for me. I think I have the room in the biocube to place it so that it has some room around it.
Had to get a new pump for the Aquatic Life Mini skimmer. Some short in it that kept tripping the ground fault.
Other than that everything is looking good and nicely colored. Growth is slow but that is okay with me, less having to mess around fragging to keep the small tank from being overrun.
I will try to get some new pictures up. Have been traveling every week from Detroit to Columbus and staying 4 days a week for business. I do have a new underwater camera I have been wanting to try out anyway. My daughter and her husband used it in St. Thomas and it took some pretty good pics so I am wanting to try it in the tank when I get some time.


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AMAZING.....can you tell me what kind of mushroom (??) that is in pic #3?
Just some kind of Rhodactis sp.
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Lookin good, Cap'n. Did you change your rock work around again?
Of course. You know I can't keep things static. Plus with the upcoming move who knows what is next!