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    maroon clown acting wierd

    hey everyone i have a maroon clown in a 58 gallon tank that hosts a bubble tip anemone, along with a blue damsel yellow watchmen goby and a green mandarin,my maroon hasnt eaten in 2 weeks, at least not from what ive seen, he spits food out or just wont eat, all other fish eat great, he also been...
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    setting up a qt

    ok here goes, my fish have a small outbreak of ich, and im in the process of moving my 29 gallon and 20l into a 58 oceanic, can i just take out the live rock and sand from my 20 long and use its water as a qt tank or do i need to cycle it all over again? im a bit confused because forums say i...
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    upgrading to a oceanic 58

    hey a few questions here, i currently have a year and a half old 29 gallon reek tank and i want to move it into a 58 gallon excited cant wait haha. anyways ill be using about 25 gallons of water from the 29 and the rest will be new saltwater is this ok? and as for the sandbed can i...
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    tank size

    does this tank look like a 58 gallon oceanic? i want to buy it but its a new hours away and i dont want to waste my time if its not a 58
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    58 gallon oceanic

    does this look like a 58 gallon oceanic to you guys? it seems small to me maybe the picture doesnt do it justice, i want to pick it up but its a few hours away so i want some opinions if that looks like a 58 first thanks
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    58 gallon oceanic

    hey everyone i recently found an ad on craigslist of a guy selling a 58 gallon oceanic tank with corner overflow, diy metal halide with pc and a sump, this tank is a couple hours away from me so i have a question for you experts does this look like a 58 gallon cuz it looks small to me? link is...
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    viper 70w metal halide

    really? what off brand do you have a link?
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    viper 70w metal halide

    will a 70w viper hang on metal halide pendant be enuf light in a 20 gallon long for sps and clams or do i NEED a 150
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    metall halide question

    ok sweet thanks for the replies, im gonna take a stab at it and go with metal halides
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    metall halide question

    how much will my electric bill go up if i run 150w of metal halide say 6-8 hours a day on my tank, i wanted to keep t-5 with my 20 long but i really want to keep sps and clams can i get away with 96 watts of t5 in such a shallow tank???? or do i need the mh
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    20 gallon long what to do?

    wow thanks for the reply i finally get one!!
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    4 inch bristle worm

    i wonder if your cbs and that worm are friends lol, at this point i would just let it stay, if all that rock has been it there for awhile then so has he, if ur not seeing any damage then maybe hes doing good
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    New anemone & Attacked clownfish

    that looks like a bit mark or a scrape, its def NOT ich and that a rock anemone
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    adding more sand cause a mini cycle?

    right now i have crushed coral in my tank its been established for over a year, i want to switch to a fine grain dsb, can i do so without causing a problem
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    Frag tank build

    ive been using aquatraders lights for a while no problems just dont get metal halides unless ur ready to put money into them, but the t5 are awesome i have 4 different ones and they are all great, all my corals are doing awesome....just a suggestion im sure ull get controvery on this one. very...