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    Mantis shrimp?

    but try to get him out with some thongs or net, any means necessary. Good Luck [/B] anyone able to donate him some TONGS.... Sorry I thought that was great! Try a plastic bottle baited with some shrimp inside... you gotta watch him crawl in an then pull it out... carefully
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    Who cleans your back glass?

    The only glass i CAN clean is the front... The sides and back are covered in coralline
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    running carbon effects

    I have a submersible fluval 4 that I use in my sump with chemi-pure carbon and I change it every few weeks. The carbon claims a life of 6 months BUT I dont rinks it for 8 bucks.
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    Bi-Color Blenny...SpS Nippers???

    Bi Color munched all my digitata.... Banished! :mad:
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    Bi-Color Blenny...SpS Nippers???

    The coral has skin... and when i say that i mean the color is still there... it just has patches missing of polyps similar to the marks on the glass where the blenny eats off of. I have some more stuff that came in Frag Wise, and with the angel out we will se what happens to these.
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    Bi-Color Blenny...SpS Nippers???

    At first I thought it was my coral beauty... banished to the fuge of eternal light... 24hr photo period. but my sps never recovered, would this be because the angel damaged it bad or that my bi color is munchin polyps
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    need help asap

    Originally posted by eek this cant be good ph 8.1 nitrite 0 nitrate12.5 amonia 0 i have 2 75watt mh bulbs the anemone has been closed up for most of the day and when it came out about 30 minutes ago it looked like this i do not have a qt tank what do i need to do #1 Look at the Nitrate, you...
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    we can dream cant we!
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    Ok... I remember somone telling me this was great... cant remember who. Im getting so tired of mixing kalk ( my clam is a calc hog ) So untill I get a reactor this seems like a goof method Opinions please
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    ATTN: Bang Guy = 10,000

    I'm waiting for a speech! Look at my start date an look at Bang's he has 3 months on me... and then compare our posts... Thats dedication if you ask me Thanks Bang
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    Im looking for someone to share some sand with me to help me with the critters in the sandbed. As some of you might know I had a meltdown and have almost made a complete recovery except for the sandbed which obviously is important. If anyone would be willing to ship some sand to me please let...
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    SPS question...

    I dripped em slowly, airline tube tied in a knot to restrict flow but only for about an hour and a half... its so funny though because I have a hydrophoro ( i think ) and when i was taking it home the bag had leaked and I just put it in the tank... its fine! Ahh well... I think what im going...
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    SPS question...

    my acclimation must be done wrong or not long enough.
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    Pod ID

    Pods? I know the coral they are on has RTN which I thought for a moment they were the cause but i think there just cleanin it
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    they make there tube, so no worries if its healthy it will make a new one