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    My 24g Aqua Pod

    You have too many fish. Also, not sure why you got another anemone, after people told you it would not survive. Good luck
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    new 29gal biocube

    Be sure to take the mandarin back as well. The shrimp will be fine on its own, its up to you if you want to keep it or not, you could always try to pair it with a different shrimp goby. Any pics yet?
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    new 29gal biocube

    Sounds good and you are welcome. A lot of good people here.
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    Best place to put GSP?

    Someone else's tank But if you have to have it, put it in the middle of your sandbed. Anything it touches it will spread too.
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    ID anyone??? please

    Some kind of brown paly.
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    new 29gal biocube

    Can you post some pictures of your tank and your tiger goby? Maybe we can help you out.
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    new 29gal biocube

    I would get rid of both the lawnmower blenny and the mandarin. Neither of them are suited to your tank. Sorry to tell ya, but somebody should.
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    Is this enough lighting for a reef tank?

    Remember, never dose something that you cannot test for.
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    new 29gal biocube

    What do you have in your tank?
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    Help Refractometer

    You got it, your name drew me in
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    Wow.. outbreak

    I wouldn't add another mandarin. It is a sign of a healthy tank and would think that your mandarin and scooter will catch up soon. Generally when you have a population boom, it is indicative of too much available food.
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    Help Refractometer

    I adjust mine every month or so, sometimes longer. I wait 5 seconds before checking it. Meaning I add 3-4 drops close the clear piece onto the water. Wait a few seconds, then take a reading. Congrats on your purchase
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    new 29gal biocube

    Punctuation helps. Filter floss is a type of mechanical filtration. It will catch a lot of the junk floating in the water, you just have to replace it often since it can cause nitrates if left in for too long. I change mine every 2-3 days. Why don't you go to the new hobbyist section and read...
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    New Rock Anemone

    No expert here, but I think every other day is excessive. Even once a week seems to be a lot. I would try once every 10 days or so.
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    What u think on aquascape? 29g

    Lots of options, take a look at other nano tanks and see what other people have. Tangs, no matter how small, need a lot of swimming space.