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    What to do next??

    By replacing the sand you have removed a large amount of the de-nitrifying bacteria. As long as the rock was kept wet you could be alright to start slowly restocking but I would advise against it. I'd let the rock seed the new sand bed for a couple weeks (2) at least before moving forward...
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    Somebody Please i Need Help! Isopods

    Green Mandarin Dragonette will make short work of the pods. Problem with using fish though is that once the pods are gone the fish may starve. If you have a fuge to grow more as food then I'd go the fish route, otherwise, as mentioned above careful feeding will cause them to self regulate their...
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    Name that anenome?

    Yup GBTA. Not all BTA will actually bubble. Some willl only get bubbles as juveniles and will lose them as they mature. Others don't ever bubble. name is kid of a mis-nomer.
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    Bubblicious split again

    Two comments on this thread: 1. You are aware anemones split due to stress correct? It's a survival mechanism. when they feel threatend (by parameters etc) they will split as it takes less ebergy to maintain a small nem then a big one. The thinking also goes that by splitting if 1 half dies...
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    BTA Has Me confused...

    If the bubble tips are back and it is still under the rock you are probably going to be ok. It may be getting enough reflected light off the sand bed that it doesn't feel the need to be in bright MH lights at this time. Continuing to move rocks and manually moving the nem to where you think it...
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    need a slow return pump

    Unfortunately no matter what pump you choose some of the pods are not going to survive the ride back up. The only way to ensure zerp pod loss is to put the refugium higher then the DT and gravity feed the return. With that being said you can always 'T' off the return line and add a ball valve...
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    My 10 Gallon Setup

    Not going to yell at you for listening to LFS. I have one around me that gives good sound advice. BUT your tank is already overstocked, do not add any more fish. Water changes need to be more frequent in a tank that small. Watch your parameters very closely, with that small water volume a...
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    An alternative would be to not use silicone at all. Use foam weather stripping. Wrap a piece of weather stripping around the baffle, compress and replace baffle, when the weather stripping absorbs water it will swell locking the baffle in place. I have used this method for a few years now on...
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    What is the best testing kit?

    It really depends on what you're keeping. If you have a fish only system then you really only need to test for Nitrate, PH, and Salinity. A cycled system should never have detectable ammonia or nitrite without a death occurring to cause a spike. if you're still getting ammonia readings after...
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    BTA Has Me confused...

    Generally any color besides white is good. Like what was said at the beginning of this thread, this is not going to be a quick over-night fix. This is something that is going to take months and you probably will notnotice it until you go back and look at pictures form 3 months prior. The only...
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    Anyone seen a mushroom do this?

    None of the corals you mentioned need exceptionally strong light. The zoos would probably be the biggest concern under NO flourecent light. I owuld avoid buying PC lights as you will only need to upgrade again in a few months when you want an anemone or other strong light corals. Skip right to...
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    Your preference? Decent skimmer?

    I personally love the ASM skimmers. For a 55g you probably only need a 2G but I am a firm believer in "Bigger is Better" and run a G3 on my 75. They are pricey new, but you can pick them up used for $150-$200. Octopus skimmers are the same design as ASM and run a little cheaper for the budget...
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    Octopus NW-150 Set up questions

    I am not intimately familiar with this particular skimmer or the double cup. but I do use an ASM which is essetntially the same skimmer, just slightly better parts. First reccomendation would be to remove the sponge from the lift tube and install the gate valve mod. This provides the ability...
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    acrylic Rods? cant find any!

    Local bicycle shop. Look for the long flags that go on the backs of kids bikes. Cut the shaft to length and you have as many or as few as you need.
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    ?'s for all you clown experts!

    It really comes down to a matter of personal preference. what I may find entertaining you may not. There is something to be said for watching 2 clowns that pair up and swim all over together though. I personally like variety.