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    Crabs versus Snails

    I have noticed some hermits will eat your snails and some dont. Try a sally lightfoot, they don't seem to mees with snails, those guys are always on the move.
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    fire fish goby

    They will eat, the only problems I had with mine is them darn Damsels killing them. You should be in pairs.
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    temp controller question

    Do you have the controller in the tank or in a sump?
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    Question about hair algae

    I'll put my money on a Sea Hare, that thing will mow the stuff down
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    new hermit and snail deaths

    I never had problems with them dying by just adding them to the tank, what I have a problem with is the crabs eating the snails, this happens a lot, watch your crabs don't mess with snails. I would say crabs and snails are very hardy, I would say they do die over time, just seems odd yours died...
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    Damsel and Clownfish Question!

    I have 2 of each in my tank and they seem to get along, what I noticed is that the clowns mess each other and the damsel's will mess with each other. I would not put damsel's back in the tank. Try some clown's and Firefish, that seemed to work pretty good for me.
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    favourite shrimp and why!!!

    I really like the looks of the fire red shrimp, can't seem to pull the $40 bucks out of my pocket though. I have a cleaner shrimp he's pretty cool to watch, always comes out, does not hide much, I also have 2 camel back shrimp, they don't seem to come out too much.
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    sump return pump

    I have a quiet 4000 that I used for 2 years and never had issues, still have it. I also just bought a 3000 that I'm running now, and no problems.
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    Snail Question

    Originally Posted by jackri but is there anything for your clean up crew to eat in a new tank? That would be my question, 1 week does not seem like much time to have a salt tank up and running...
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    Tons Of Free Equipment!!!

    I sent you a PM, sorry , I just read that you do not want those, please let me know about the 125g tanks. I live in Washington, Pa
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    Checkout my new powerheads

    They look pretty neat, where did you get'em?
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    Sea hare experiment

    I bought a Sea Hare last Sunday, and that thing has not stoped eating yet, I like mine. Paid $30 for him the lfs says it's a different type , he has blue dots all over him.
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    Undecided about Emerald crab

    Do they mess with snails at all?
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    Crabs vs Snails

    I tried this stunt twice, the crabs always tear apart the snails (ever with extra shells lying around), wish I could keep both I like to watch the crabs, but bad luck, snails only tank now.
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    green stuff everywhere

    I went and picked me up a Sea Hare this afternoon, he start on the hair algea shortly after in the tank. Kinda ugly looking, buy he's doin the job...... I'm sold on him.