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    Stocking a 29 gallon biocube???

    My absolute favorite fish was a sixline wrasse. They have a ton of personality and are incredibly active. Mine always cruised back and fourth around the live rock and was very playful.
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    Hermits or No Hermits?

    I LOVE my hermits (blue legs), they are fantastic cleaners, and have great personality... I think you said a 125? I would say you could easily do between 30-50 without a problem. I have 8-12 in my 25 gal and love them. They will go after the snails if they don't get enough food, or need a new...
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    Help Need ID, Green Carpet of Death

    I believe (but am not an expert) that cyano can be caused by high phosphates, so look at trying to bring yours down... Bring the lights down for sure... Also if (as a last resort) you can't get rid of it, LFS will usually sell products that get rid of it without harming fish/corals... I had to...
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    Running carbon in a reef

    I have had my reef tank with several SP corals and they have been fine with carbon...
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    damsel removal???????????????

    Haha, this thread brought a huge smile to my face, along with some memories... I had a blue devil, I tried the bottle method but i still had to take out almost all of the LR in my tank to scoop him out. Even then it was a battle... Best of luck to you!
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    Lighting question

    I have been using glass over my tank, and it doesn't cut down on the lighting to terribly much if you wash it off every week when you do a water change. One advantage to glass is it cuts down on the salt creep or spray that egg crate wouldn't catch
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    any divers out there?

    I wholeheartedly agree with what has been said, diving is AMAZING... Diving actually got me into this whole saltwater fish hobby. Its amazing. I've been diving in Belize, Costa Maya and Cozumel, as well as Grand Caymen, and NY... The variety of things you see is incredible, i can't recommend it...
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    Aiptasia...why so bad?

    Originally Posted by alyssia I wish I could...I can never get it to peel off of the rock. I just end up shreading it. I had the same problem with these, I got 3 peppermint shrimp and all 8 of my AIPS were gone within about 2 days... And the peppermint shrimp have tons of personality and are a...
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    jebo odyssea lighting

    Hey guys, Glad i found this thread! My 130 PC just stopped working, The moonlights still work, and so do the fans, but both lights are out... I checked the bulbs, and its not them. Is this the ballast then? Is there a fuse that could have gone? I am certainly not an electrician, but I am...
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    Why we are losing the war in Iraq...

    Originally Posted by Darthtang AW And people say public education is just fine the way it is............ I couldn't agree more!!
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    Night time pics form my 470

    I don't think you can even put a price tag on that... WOW your own reef in your living room! Goodwin that is AMAZING!!
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    Best interesting fishes for a 20 gal??

    I can't say enough about my Sixline Wrasse, COOLEST FISH EVER!! I absolutely LOVE him. The Bicolor Blennie is good too, mine was a little agressive at first, but it has a ton of personality!
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    need an ID plz

    Originally Posted by vtfishies boiling water didnt work thats why i used the lemon and vinager...gonna do the for your yellow tang..i was told a while back to take it out and place in qt tank for a couple days and reintroduce it to tank..other than i dont know lol..thanks for the...
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    fake aquariums

    I have Roman Columns holding up a piece of LR in my tank, I will try to post a pic tomorrow...
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    Yet another hosting question

    Thanks! I knew when I bought it that the odds weren't great... I was just wondering if it has happened to anyone here.