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    Start of one "BIG" SPS tank

    Awesome pics!!!!! -Josh
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    180 pics...a little rearranged!!

    Looks great!!! -Josh
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    my 90 Gallon reef!!

    Beautiful!! Like the rock work a lot!!!!! -Josh
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    Penn State university Reef Aquarium

    Thats beautiful!!! -Josh
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    Post pics of your tangs!!

    Awesome!! -Josh
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    Pics of my 75!

    Awesome tank!!! -Josh
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    *addicted2's 75 gal tank diary*

    Beautiful tank!! -Josh
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    Pic's of my new 220

    Thats an awesome deal!!! What kinda tang is that? -Josh
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    Lazy's 125 Pics n Stuff

    Awesome tank!! How big is the bigger pacific blue tang? -Josh
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    Post pics of your tangs!!

    Originally Posted by jhebi Here are mine tangs.... Thats awesome!!! How many gallons? -Josh
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    Post pics of your tangs!!

    Thanks for sharing everyone!! Maingo- what size tank is that? -Josh
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    Post pics of your tangs!!

    Their have been some threads like this in the past, but lets make a new one. These are my favorite fish, so lets see your TANGS!!!!! -Josh
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    just posting a couple pics of my 130

    Looks great!!! -Josh
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    210 Reef Tank Pictures 03.08.07

    Originally Posted by efishnsea Thats funny you ask because I have sent a few emails to about cashing in my $100 that I won for winning one of the photo contests recently and I have not had any response :mad: . I used the contact link on the web site and was just wondering how I shoud...
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    210 Reef Tank Pictures 03.08.07

    I'm speachless!!!!! Beautiful tank, efishnsea!! What all fish do you have in there? -Josh