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    dipping in fresh water?

    has anyone ever dipped a fish in fresh water to kill bacteria?? I also heard its good to make them drink fresh water from a syringe to kill any saltwater bacteria in their stomachs.. got that when watching a show about a huge aquarium in Europe. they were doing it with sun fish that they caught...
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    110 gallon tank price help

    probably like $2,000 for a complete setup for a 110 gallon.. few hundred for just the tank I guess. good place to look is e-bay.. I am looking at a 110 gallon complete reef ready system for $600 right now on there.. I'd post a link but the nazis would probably delete it..
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    its just a stupid mollusk.. if you want one get one.. christ..
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    over 5k worth of angels in one tank

    I am getting a 400 gallon setup before the end of next year in my new place.. I am going to do exactly what this guy did now that I see it can actually be done.
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    what type of fish??

    no it was a fish
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    Inspired by NM Reef

    do they sell giant clams? One of a number of large clam species native to the shallow coral reefs of the South Pacific and Indian oceans, they can weigh more than 180 kilograms (400 pounds) and measure as much as 1.5 metres (5 feet) across. put that in...
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    Project Fishroom underway for new 240 setup

    Cool. I am getting a 400 gallon before the end of next year... wont ever need to upgrade that.
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    freaking out!

    Originally Posted by ryanhayes9 sorry about that but theres no reason to use gods name in vein. did u do hypo? religion is for fools that are too afraid of reality.. do you also worship Zeus and Athena? :hilarious
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    nautalis Using the results from our field research, we constructed aquariums that allowed temperatures to vary from 14º C to 22º C (57º to 72º F). The aquariums were not pressurized. Adult nautilus in these aquariums laid eggs continuously over...
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    Some trippin videos of some mantises.

    those guys are cool
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    Titan trigger??

    you would ruin my night out
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    Titan trigger??

    nah you don't need a 500 gal tank for this fish.. you don't need a 500 gallon tank for any "fish" really. true they "can" get big in the wild but in captivity no fish will get over 8-10 inches anyway.. even in the wild it's not commen to find big show fish over 8" and an 8" fish in it's own tank...
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    over 5k worth of angels in one tank

    i thought you cant have multiple angels in one tank guess this completely destroys anyones thinking that you can't..
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    If you care about fish.......

    I just had fish for lunch