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    led lights

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    Kessil Led pendent lights

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    What Camera Do You Use?

    Canon 40d and and now a 5d mk II.
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    Good Lens Or Cameras?

    Canon 5d mark II and 70-200L f2.8
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    Waste RO water - What can I use it for?

    Originally Posted by tscuda x2 on the doing the wash. I hooked up my RO in the laundry room so I could run the waste line right into the washer. And there is a lot of waste water. Same here. Plus use it for watering plants when not doing any wash.
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    Obama now is considering cutting benefits for vets.

    Originally Posted by socal57che Old enough to see a very bad trend of the nationalization of the banks, the automotive industry, healthcare, insurance, the American workforce, etc., etc., etc. I'll get busy looking through my old posts and word documents. Good thing I have the day off, eh...
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    Gonna go see Dubya

    Cool...Do tell us how it was and share some picts.
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    coral keeper, here's that light

    Originally Posted by alix2.0 my mom & dad used to grow vegetables with it. Hmmmm Ok. One of those basements with the blue glow and lots of potted things.
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    what is the deal ?!!??

    Originally Posted by jennythebugg stupid crap he is just that petty i have a house on the market he said the agent cant come in the house without calling first i said yes they can thats what the lockbox is for as long as they knock then he busts out with the whole ''i think i know more than you...
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    I hate my roomate!

    Originally Posted by Rotarymagic Dude, is your roomate hot? You need to post this in the new dating forum.
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    First order from everything was dead

    They will work it out with you. Also did you contack Fedex about the damaged (dead ) shipment. Just a suggestion. You may want to get a gift card in stead of another shippment of fish. This way you'll still have something to give your BF for christmas fish related and he will be able to pick...
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    Too much circulation?

    I'm running 2 3's in my 38 gal. One on each end. I've finally got them adjusted to where i'm not getting a sand storm and holes in the sandbed.
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    SWF location map.

    Cool. I'm in.