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    How to frag candy cane?

    A dremel is a dream tool, yes it is.
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    snail id on clam?

    Stomella, eww i HATE those mothers with a passion! They look so alien!
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    operation more wattage

    I love DIY'ers. :happy: When I made my MH Pendant I was REALLY excited. I made countless trips to the hardware store for that one. Keep us updated, looks great so far.
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    What kind of SPS is this?

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    Nuke em to glass

    Why is the video of such low quality? Do they have "low quality" video cameras these days? :notsure:
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    Nuke em to glass

    Hey if you guys want to see some sh*t... check this site out! :nope: :nope: I promise you will never forget what you are soon to see! (This is a site dedicated to the most horrific media ever archived! Their motto is, "Can You Handle Life?".... whoa!)
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    Does Anyone Have An Akita?

    I believe the Japanese bred them for fighting, back in the day of course. Interesting story.
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    Nuke em to glass

    If you really want to think about it THAT barbarically, it sure as hell IS true. The world today is the product of many battles and many wars. Think about it... :notsure: Ok stop now. :thinking: It really doesn't matter why we went to Iraq in the first place. I can sit here all day and WISH...
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    Does Anyone Have An Akita?

    Post the pics here! Gosh I love those dogs... :happy:
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    what r u listeng to

    Brother playing Counter-Strike behind me, yelling at his teammates.
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    Nuke em to glass

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    Nuke em to glass

    Speaking as a very patriotic American who has served time in the US Army, nuke the [hr] . I truly have nothing against any religion or ethnicity, it is just really sad to watch the news. If I were still in the military, I would be in Iraq right now. I also have a few friends in Iraq. I...
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    Mitsubishi cars reliable?

    FISHTAILS - 420A :yes: I abused it for about 30,000 miles. I even went and bought the turbo kit by HRC. I pushed a bar and a half (15psi) forever and even NOSsed it a bit, the block was strong and put up with whatever I gave it. Also, the rest of my crew had 4G63's... all FAST and all sounded...
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    Mitsubishi cars reliable?

    I have owned a '99 Mitsubishi Eclipse. I now own a '98 Honda Civic. Ask me questions about either.
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    Algae on my clam...What the h!#$

    Kewl, it DOES look pretty. The only thing missing in many reef tanks is the color green. Keep it under control though.