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    My 24gal Aquapod diary

    Originally Posted by Johnny&Sin Use this for a guide for what to test... ignore our #s that was our big tanks when our phosphates were out of control! The bottom of the sheet shows the spikes u will hit during cycle Looks like someone else goes to Oceans Below.
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    i need ideas

    I would scratch the fission skimmer...a quick search will show you they are a waste of money. On a 20 gal tank, the Remora Nano would be a good skimmer. Do you have a sump, what do you plan on keeping? Do you have the lights already? What 20 gal tank are you looking at...there's a long or high...
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    Question on replacing stock pump on an AP 24 with a Maxijet

    Go to a local home improvement store and buy the correct size tubing. Or see if you can get a small length from a local hobbyist. Use zip ties to secure the tubing onto the MJ as well as the little outlet that goes into the display. The old tubing won't work...I tried.
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    How Exactly Do I Perform Water Changes?

    Before I moved my livestock to the new tank, I had a 24g sump. I used either a MJ 400 or 600 (can't remember) that didn't push the water out so fast. I would have the 5 gal bucket sit on the counter next to the tank and run the hose straight into the tank. It takes a little while...
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    24g Aquapod Package FL

    PM Sent. I am local, and very interested in the chiller.
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    aquapod 24 owners

    If you're crafty, you can make a stand. I have my current tank (26g bowfront) on a stand that my bf made. It is exactly what I needed for the tank. When I had my 24g AP, I had it on my kitchen counter, so I can't help with that. :) Here's a picture of the stand:
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    HD DVD or Blue Ray

    I work in a high end home theater shop and we already bought 3 Blu Ray DVD players (Samsung) they are AMAZING! Everyone who walks in our door wants one, too bad we don't have a distributor for them! My boss bought our 3 on Amazon for $715.00 each.
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    Christmas pics of the kids

    Originally Posted by SilverSibe Blaze- make sure you do your research on the breed. If I recall correctly American Bulldogs are a LOT of dog to handle if you don't know what your doing. Agreed! Thats why I always recommend obedience training with a pro with these dogs!
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    New family member !

    The one I had for a short time was neutered and descented, but he still had a pretty musky smell to him. :( I tried to bathe him in some type of ferret shampoo that supposedly made them not smell, but that didn't work. Oh well, I will have to live with just seeing them in pictures.
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    Christmas pics of the kids

    Awww...he's cute!! Looks like a sweetheart!!
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    My New tank(continued with pics that prove im not a liar)

    You're a sweetie blondie, and right. Just sometimes people (myself) can get a tad frustrated to see how careless people can be with this hobby. Those poor fish are suffering, and that kid thinks they are doing fine, and they will survive another couple months. Fish, frog, dog, or otherwise...its...
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    New family member !

    So cute! The only way my guy would let me have a ferret is if they made them unscented. He doesn't like them. I think they are adorable though!!
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    Christmas pics of the kids

    Cute basset!! I would love to get my guys santa pics, but I think Mako would be afraid of him, Magnum would be too interested in playing/tasting his beard and Maui would only be interested in the treats the people would have to get their attention...would definately make for an interesting...
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    New Cornsnakes!

    Originally Posted by ViPeR_930 Thanks for the comments everybody. I got both of mine for 126 bucks shipped from South Mountain Reptiles. All of the naturally-occuring morphs are pretty cheap, but there are some colors that you can't find from a walk in the park. Many could be $100+ bucks, and...
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    New Cornsnakes!

    Originally Posted by blizz75 what do they eat? pinkies or adults?(mice) Mine is around a year and a half, and he eats 1 live rat fuzzy every 10 days or so. He just ate last night.