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    Help with spotfin lionfish

    Awe I'm really sorry to hear that. You did all you could so dont beat yourself up. I don't know if you can complain to fedex or not but I would try cause thats just lame. Don't give up, lions are awesome.
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    i got a shark what?

    You probably should have thought about this before you bought the egg. What you want to do now is make sure you have the rights set up. Your going to need 200+ gal tank for a full grown one so make sure your willing to upgrade or have lined up someone to take him when he gets too large. As...
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    so i got ick.....kinda long

    Originally Posted by marinekewl AL that is totally wrong to tell that guy that when you dont know for sure.. you want to keep the salt level at 1.015 the lowest ro get rid of the ich and after the ich is gone you take it back up to aBOUT 1.020 ANY HIGHER THEN THAT IS NOT GOOD.. THANK YOU.. GET...
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    Tesselata Eel

    Good to hear hes eating. Bet hes super aggressive eh?
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    Clown fish breathing fast with tattered fins

    I'll give that a shot. Do you think alot of the harassment goes on at night because today when the lights came on he looked the same, breathing fast, a little pale... But when I got home today he looked perfect except for his split fins which are still there but look better. Ive had the puffer...
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    Clown fish breathing fast with tattered fins

    Today when the aquarium actinics came on i couldn't find one of my clown fish. I searched around everwhere but couldn't find him. After the white lights came on he finally appeared from where ever he was but he was breathing really fast. Today when I got home from work he was swimming around...
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    Baby snail?

    Are turbo snails known for laying eggs in tanks? I had a PVC house for a snowflake eel that I had a while back. I returned the eel a while ago and just go around to taking the pipe out of the tank tonight. When I got it out there was what looks like a snail stuck to it. Its about 3/4 of...
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    Lion on eating strike

    This is not too unusual for lions to do so don't be too worried yet. A full grown lion can easily go a week or two with no food. Keep your water right and like you said soak it in garlic, that may help. I doubt hes eating pods, and even if he is he should still want the food yours offering...
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    Post Jokes Here!

    Why do golfers never have wrinkled pants? Because they use 9 irons!
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    Does your LFS give you some % off of things?

    Big franchise stores suck for discounts. Little mom and pop stores are the best! They have way nicer fish and know alot more. I go into this little shop with nice fish every week. Say whats up and talk fish for a bit and he gives me deals on everything in the store. 3 inch Mystery Wrasse...
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    Anyone been stung by a lionfish?

    Originally Posted by jrthomas40 you should always go to a hospital after being hit by a lion...a lot of time most hits are just dry hits and if you get hit with some will need venom/poison control for some anti syrum Guaranteed most hospitals wont be able to do anything for you...
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    A few Ich questions.

    I cycled the qt with the live rock i bought. Its in there now. I started hypo for my lionfish in the rubbermade bucket but now that my qt is cycled I want to move him into it. I just wanna know if the hypo will kill the bacteria in the rock in my qt. Because the way i see it the more places...
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    A few Ich questions.

    So it will still provide a biologic filter for my qt? I left the live rock to cure in a bucket for a week then put it into my qt to cycle it. If ich is just transmitted where did it start? Because i kept my lion in a my rubbermade qt for 3 weeks and there were no signs of ich. He was in my...
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    A few Ich questions.

    First off I just started Hypo this week on my poor lionfish who had fin rot then in qt got ich. He in a rubbermade right now as I didn't have a dedicated qt at the time but have since bough one and cycled it but I have a few questions. Will hypo totally kill my live rock. I bought 2 new cured...