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    Koran Angel's eye issue.

    hmm.. that def looks like it could be it, thats strange tho the fish has been in the tank for 6 months, and nothing new has been introduced in that period of time except live rock.. it does surely look a bit like that tho.
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    Koran Angel's eye issue.

    I have a Koran angel, and it's right eye is very "puffy" and looks to be "glazed" over vs the otherside. I can't get a good picture of the fish since it hardly stops, nothing else seems to be wrong with it, it's eating fine and doesn't seem to have another issues (as well as the other fish in...
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    Nano Substrate Question?

    All set cleaned it all up good to go, I've got a 4 and a half inch's worth of substrate right now so i'm happy, it's clean.
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    Nano Substrate Question?

    CRAAAP.... alright I should be trying to take the lazy way out in hind sight lol... looks like it's cleaning time.. Thanks for the fast response!
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    Nano Substrate Question?

    Is this acceptable for a 5g invert tank? My brother trying to help me out with my nano tank decided to put this blue rock substrate he had left over from his FW tank. I kinda got irked went and bought proper sand substrate like planned, no biggie was gonna take care of it sunday after my...
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    Help Id'ing little worms on LR. (FOWLR)

    I have a 30g with a cleaner crew and a shrimp, (no fish yet) and all of a sudden our live rock is starting to show these little tiny red worms with really tiny brissles) i guess is best to describe they are very small as you can see from the pics of the three of them in the bottom of a small...
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    Update On New 250 Reef

    2 weeks is a little fast i would be careful you never know it might just be a little dormant or something i have never had anything cycle that fast before. My nano was about 4 weeks and my 55 was 3 1/2 weeks. Then i just added things really slowly few things a month or even a fish a month...
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    Stupid Bicolor Blenny...

    i would let him stay you ask me that would teach to him jump back there. He isn't in any real danger at least for the moment or so, so i would just keep him back there.
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    125 Gal Tank Setup vs New Grand Baby!

    dont hijack the poor ladys thread someone please buy this tank it is amazing if this setup is not sold by the first of the year i have already talked with my finacee about flying out there and renting a U Haul and taking this back to mass that way it's just a really good deal.
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    how old is your oldest fish? poll...

    i've had my yellow tang for 8 months.
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    Killer Strawberry Psuedochromis?!?!?!?!?

    My psuedochromis is being a geal big jerk if you look right at the front of the tank he wont let any of my other fish go over that side of the tank it's so annoying. I just bought 4 more fish 2 Green Chromis and 2 blue ones, the 2 green ones are doing fine but when i introduced the 2 blue ones...
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    My New Tank in our retail store

    What type of store do you own?
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    if you were to buy a car today

    Probably a Mercury Mauradur, (i dont think i spelled that right) it's like a crown vic just a little more powerful. I have always wanted one of those cars since they first came out reqal nice car. Or i would get a Misubishi Evo those things are fast and the gas mileage isn't horrible. I...
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    Which Type LR is best... LFS told me fiji is the worst one now

    Send me the link to get any Aquacultured rock online i would love to get some Email is I would love to get some.
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    If you had a 1,000gal aquarium.....

    i would have the craziest reef tank in existance people would pay me to see it i tell you that would be crazy.