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    pvc cement

    Let it sit for about an hour before you run tank water threw it... Thats all... Once dry, not harmful at all
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    Flow help

    yea... i guess this would help huh??? sorry thought i put them in there. Its a 90 Display with a 20 sump. 95% of the corals seem to be doing fine and even growing. Lighting is 2 x 250W MH w/ 2 x96W PC Atinic lighting. Flow is 1 Maxi 1200, one Maxi 900 and the mag 9 throttled back some from my sump.
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    Flow help

    I need help. Ive got serious flow issues in my tank. Im getting tons of cyno in my tank... and i need help. What i have for flow is a mag 9 for a return from my main tank, and a maxt 1200 and a 900. Its getting so bad that its actually growing on the power heads. What i have available is a mag...
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    90 Gallons

    Post up your 90s!! I need help with my aquascaping!
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    Overflow & Pump Question

    The overflow will only supply water at the rate of return of the pump, however, it will max out at a certain point. If it is a 1" line, it is about 600 GPH. Mag 7 will work fine for your tank. To find out other pumps, take the amount of head you have, which is the height of the return line...
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    Coral Feeding

    yea.. DTs is a brand... check your LFS in the fridge. Salad shrimp works for spod feeding.. thats what i do to my brain 1 a week... mysis shrimp wors as well...
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    Heaters - need help ASAP

    You need to get a heater ASAP
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    Heaters - need help ASAP

    Id get 2 or 3 smaller ones for your tank. id get 2 or 3 250W heaters.
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    Coral Feeding

    I personally use DTs phytoplanton 2 times a week... Ive got a 90 mixed reef. As long as you test for phosphates, and keep them in check, you'll be fine. Corals do need food as well as light, IMO.
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    blue leg hermits safe???

    Make sure there are plenty of shells... Blue legs are the most agressive IMO. I stay as clear as possible of them. But i do have some in my 90, and they do tend to kill my snails. I just repepulate them 3 times a year
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    Dead SPS? (Pics)

    I recomend never using epoxy due to the heat. Super glue gel is the only way to go. Did u check for bugs as well? any new aditions that could have brought in the bugs?
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    Power Head

    Just responded to your other thread... Id go with a maxijet. Well worth the investment. For a 10, id get a maxi 1200, and get a hydro flo deflector.
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    Live sand maintenance

    Gravel siphoning it may release toxins. A light siphon over the top wont hurt anything. I use a 1/2" nylon tube, and lighly go over the sand tomake it look nice.
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    Kenya Tree Wilting

    My guess is it is still adapting to your tank and the lights. As long as the polips open while the lights are on, i wouldnt worry
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    Looking for next add

    nope not at all.... flame and hippo dont even bother eachother