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    My father clean my tank with dishwasher soap

    Wonder what a skimmer would do with soap in it?
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    Help! I can't get nitrates down

    A canister fitler can be just as bad as the bio wheel. I would have gone with a sump! Anything with a filter pad or is designed to trap waste will/can cause a nitrate problem.
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    crushed coral to sand

    I would empty the tank and change the substrate all at one time and use that opportunity to remove the damsels before the tank is well established and you are trying to figure out how to catch them.
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    I would syphon off a good amount of the water and then move the tank. You will need to get back there at some point.
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    best nitrate controller clams/plants or nitrate sponge?

    I would say cheato in a sump would aid in getting rid or nitrates. I have never heard of clams having any effect on nitrates and i am not a believe in nitrate sponges.
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    Canopy question

    I am getting ready to build another hood and it sounds ike a good idea to me.
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    My Heater Exploded This Morning!

    Hmmm, I have 3 Stealth Heaters in my 220. Make sure you have GFCI outets and grounding probes on your tank.
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    Filter question

    Make sure you are using additional PHs for more circulation. As Phishface said your filter might be rated for 100 gallon but you still want your tanks water to be circulated 10-20Xs more per hour.
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    Can someone delete this........I think its in the wrong forum
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    Changing Water

    What are you measuring the salinity with? Not a swing arm I hope.......
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    nitrate prob please help

    There are 2 things that I see right away that could be the cause of your nitrate problem The first is the crushed coral substrate and the 2nd being the 405 canister fiter. A sand substrate stays cleaner and does not harbor nitrates the way crushed coral can. I had the same thing in my 220 and...
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    panther grouper

    Panther groupers grow large and they do it pretty fast. Not a reef fish by any stretch......They also get ugly when they get bigger and lose there black/white color.
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    Needing help making my own Reef clean-up crew!

    you will get as many different answers as there are memers. I only use mexican turbo snails. I do have a few hermits left but once they are gone no more hermits. Hermits love to wear the turbo snail shells and pound for pound I think snails are the way to go.........
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    "ICH" on a fish...IN A CORAL TANK !!

    I am of the belief that ich is always present in your tank and under the right conditions fish will get ich. I understand tangs are a favorite due to there small scales. Regarding kick ick, I have used it in the past with success but it wasn't because I followed the directions. I doses at...
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    How much water to change

    Everyone seem to do it a little different and as far as i can tell there are no set rules. Some people change water in large amounts once a month while other change small amounts every week. I have a 220 and change out about 10 gallons a week. I turn off the pumps, syphon water out and then...