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    does anyone use hose clamps in tank?

    "Or do what I did raise the out put on the mag 12 with a adapter to a slip fitting the go to a barbed one out of the water then use a hose clamp. Not having any issues." +1
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    Triggerfish....a Good Eating fish??

    Triggers are great table fare. You need a very sharp filet knife as it feels like you are cutting through a football or basketball. The filets are very mild; they are on my top five list. Rick
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    Id anyone? and a full tank shot it's 6 mo.!!!

    Originally Posted by Mr.clownfish i love how Coraline algae is taking over ur rocks. my tank is about 3 months running and i dont have half of that. because im using PC's. im super jealous of ur hammer coral i have always wonted one that looks like urs but have not had enough money to buy it...
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    Galaxea Coral doing something strange

    I break off the long sweepers on my galaxea with the prong end of my glass scraper. I have been doing this for over a year with not damage to the coral. It is a big and as green as its ever been. I have broken off three pieces from it and put them in my frag tank; the original piece is still...
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    Whats your most favorite cake?

    My favorite is a good, old fashioned, homemade banana cake!
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    Sports Bar name????

    Originally Posted by burpuffer Im in the process of opening a sports bar/nightclub in Ventura, Ca and im having a really hard time coming up with a name. The bar is gonna be sports bar during the day and club at night so i need a name that will kinda work with both. Just seeing if anyone has...
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    Clams and Hard corals T5 lighting?

    Originally Posted by fanker u should be fine with anything anywhere, i have 6x54w om my 90g nd have sps on the sand What T5 bulb combination are you using?
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    Battling flat worms...YIKES!!

    Originally Posted by wakeboard3584 good to know. what else eats pods? Red Scooter Blenny.
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    Help with a Diamond Goby.

    I bought one two weeks ago. He hid under the rock . . . . I never saw him for over a week. He finally ventured out after about 10 days but scampers back under the rock anytime we go near the aquarium. It has been fifteen days now . . . he is still ducking under the rocks.. \ Give him/her time.
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    Salt Mix has hardened

    Originally Posted by SnakeBlitz33 solidification is caused by water vapor... It depends on if you want to use it or not. I've used that kind of salt for water changes before without any problems... "check and see if it is solid throughout. That happened to me but its usually the top the...
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    Salt Mix has hardened

    I have kept some Instant Ocean in a Rubbermaid container. I just opened it and discovered it has solidified in one solid chunk. Can I still use it?
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    Originally Posted by nitschke65 I found mine floating in the "Bay of e" for about $30. Once you get one, you'll wonder how you lived without it. I used to dip that silly swing arm piece of plastic 4 or 5 times to make sure I didn't have a bunch of bubbles attached. Now, a couple squeezes to...
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    Submersible pump suggestions

    Originally Posted by Al Mc I would suggest a Mag 7.5 or 9. I would also put a ball valve on the return line so that you can 'tweak' the flow to make sure you do not overwhelm your drain/outflow. Both are good options. Just be aware the Mag 7 uses a 3/4" return line; the Mag 9.5 uses a 1"...
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    Best Salt Mix

    "Just remember, if you start with a natural salt mix, stay with natural salt mixes. Do not try to switch to a synthetic salt mix or back and fourth. It will kill your creatures." Snake, that sounds like good advice. Which brands are natural and which are synthetic?
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    Help I Have Ich (please Beth)

    Originally Posted by Beth Huh? Ich is not a scientific name, but it is applied to various fish parasite ailments, but mostly applied to cryptocaryon irrtians when speaking of the marine hobby. I'm not sure we need a grammar lesson here. I beg to differ: "Ichthyophthirius multifiliis is a...