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    Dogs and Lymphoma

    Cranberry, you have have made a tough decision, but the best for the pet you love. Having been through this many times, I'm sitting here with tears for your pain. Just love him and what my sister in law once told me, when you love and pet them and they no longer care, it's time to let them go...
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    Xenia snubs new bulbs

    I would move it towards the bottom. They will move wherever they need to.
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    Wiring help please

    Thanks for the info. I'll check it out when I get home.
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    Cyano, losing the battle, what to do?

    I seem to get red slime in the summer when my tanks are warmer. Has anyone else noticed this? Or is it just a coincidence?
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    Wiring help please

    I don't know much about wiring, but when I went to change my bulbs on my coralife pc, two of the end caps broke. I ordered universal ones on line but they don't have a clip sticking out to wire to. I was told to just strip the wires and put in the back but they fall out. Someone suggested...
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    T5 Question

    I have the 4 bulb tec on my 72 bow with legs. I love them. I would have gone with the 6 bulb but it was too wide for my tank.
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    trying to quit smoking help

    I just happened to see this thread. Chantix works. I know [hr] smokers that it worked for. Of course, you have to make up your mind you are really going to quit. It won't do it for you but, you won't take the lives of others around you, in the process.
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    Florida or close to it

    West Volusia county here. Twenty miles west of Daytona
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    ro waste water

    My ro is set up by my washer. I drip the wastewater into it. When it's full I do a load of laundry. Making use of the wastewater is always better than pouring it down the drain.
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    Lettuce Nudi

    I got one from here right before Christmas. It was around for about a month, then disappeared. About a month ago, I counted nine babies. I still see several and they are growing, but at all different sizes.
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    What to do

    If you haven't had problems with the dogs in the past, I would give up the puppy. I've never had good luck with three dogs. The weakest always gets picked on. Even if they got along, you've created a pack. The --- of the animals and if they are neutered makes a difference also. This is just...
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    Tank Overtaken with Algae

    I had the same problem on a 3 year old tank. I tried all recommended methods and the only thing that seems to be working is a phospate reactor I added a few weeks ago.
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    Do you have hair algae?

    I tried all of your recommendations and nothing worked for my tank. I recently got a phosphate reactor and I'm finally seeing a major change for the better. I read that rocks can absorb phosphates and when they can't absorb anymore the hair algae occurs. This tank is three years old. I...
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    containers to buy water

    I just use 5 gallon gas cans I labled with water[/U] accross all sides. Make sure you get the ones with a handle on the top and side for easier pouring.
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    well just got the mri results today

    I know what you are going through. My son had an ATV accident and his doctor was the same way. He finally switched doctors and they ordered the MRI. Problems almost the same as yours. I think they don't order the tests because the insurance companies don't want them to. Unless you've have...